The XXL Nutrition Recipe Book: the tastiest healthy recipes!

The XXL Nutrition Recipe Book: the tastiest healthy recipes!

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XXL Nutrition publishes the tastiest healthy, protein-rich recipes every week. In the XXL Nutrition Recipe book you will find a handy overview with all recipes, with an weekly update!

Ham sandwich with mustard mayo - NEW

Fancy a healthy lunch? This ham sandwich with light mustard mayo is the perfect choice for a tasty and nutritious meal!

ham sandwich

Tuna salad with mushrooms and soy sauce

A salad is ideal to get a lot of filling with few calories. With this tuna salad you add a lot of protein to it!

tuna salad

Homemade protein-rich chocolate spread

Who doesn't love chocolate paste now ?! With this homemade protein-rich chocolate spread you can enjoy it responsibly!

Protein-rich chocolate spread

Protein Pasta Salad with smoked salmon

Looking for a variation on the traditional salad? This Protein Pasta Salad with smoked salmon combines taste with excellent nutritional values!

Protein Pasta Salad

Greek yogurt with fresh raspberries and granola

Looking for a delicious protein-rich dessert? This Greek yogurt with fresh raspberries and granola provides exactly that. Enjoy!

Greek yogurt granola

Spicy saté turkey schnitzels

High-protein, tasty and easy. These Spicy Saté Turkey Schnitzel are ideal to get a large portion of protein in a tasty way!

turkey schnitzels

High Protein Pasta with pesto

Enjoy your pasta responsibly with this High Protein Pasta with pesto recipe! Gluten-free, vegan, protein-rich and in taste just as good as real pasta!

High Protein Pasta with pesto

Yogurt bowl with fresh fruit

In the summer a lot of fruit is always tasty. This Yogurt Bowl with fresh fruit contains a lot of protein and low in fat; a good meal for every athlete!

Yogurt bowl

Sandwich with steak tips and sweet soy sauce

Looking for something different for lunch? Then look no further than this sandwich with steak tips and sweet soy sauce. High in protein, tasty & low in calories!

Sandwich with steak dots

Crunchy cherry shake

What if you could combine a protein bar and a shake? This delicious cherry shake contains a Delicious Crunchy Protein Bar for a unique taste experience!

Crunchy cherry shake

Hot Satay Sandwich

Looking for fast, easy and protein-rich? This Hot Saté Sandwich meets all requirements and is ideal for eating for lunch!

Hot Satay Sandwich

Mango coconut ice cream

Ice cream is enjoyed in the summer, but is rarely healthy. This mango coconut ice cream changes that with good nutritional values ​​and a great taste!

Mango coconut ice cream

Sushi bowl with salmon

Who doesn't love sushi ?! With this Sushi Bowl you can combine great nutritional values ​​in a delicious meal!

Sushi bowl

BBQ chicken skewers

Want to enjoy the BBQ this summer without seeing the shape disappear that you worked so hard for? These protein-rich chicken skewers are a perfect choice!

BBQ chicken skewers

Salad with spicy prawns

Looking for a fresh meal that is low in carbohydrates and fats, but that contains a lot of protein? This salad with spicy shrimp is exactly what you are looking for!

Salad with spicy prawns

Burger pizza

Looking for a healthy pizza that is perfect for bulging or as a responsible cheat meal? Look no further than this delicious Burger pizza!

Burger Pizza

Savory pancakes with smoked salmon

Pancakes don't always have to be sweet. This savory pancake with smoked salmon is high in protein, contains good fats and is a pleasure to eat!

Savoury Pancake

Steak with homemade oven fries and BBQ sauce

This meal of steak with homemade oven fries and light BBQ sauce is quickly on the table, has great nutritional values ​​and tastes great!

Steak with homemade oven fries

Baked banana in pancake batter

You've probably heard of it: fried banana. Today we make a healthy variant of this delicious Eastern recipe!

Baked banana

Crispy Protein Porridge

Oatmeal porridge with Whey is an easy, fast meal full of good nutrients. This variant is extra delicious with the Crispy Protein Bar Toffee & Pretzel!

Oatmeal Porridge Crispy Protein

Smoked chicken sandwich with spicy mango sauce

This smoked chicken sandwich combines a protein-rich meal with Asian influences through the spicy mango sauce. A wonderful change!

Smoked chicken sandwich

Blueberry mosquito cake

You must have heard of a mosquito cake. This Blueberry Mug Cake is perfect to take after your workout and is quick and easy to prepare!

Blueberry mosquito cake

Stuffed chicken breast

For many, chicken fillet is one of the best protein sources. Make a delicious stuffed chicken fillet with tomato, mozzarella, onion and western BBQ herbs!

Stuffed chicken breast

Creamy Choco Shake

Attention chocolate lovers! With this creamy Choco Shake you have everything you could wish for from a healthy and protein-rich shake.

Choco shake

Peanut butter jelly bars

Looking for an easy and quick snack that is healthy? Then these peanut butter jelly bars are exactly what you are looking for!

Peanut butter jelly bars

Protein wrap with tuna

Looking for a super protein-rich meal that contains less than 200 kilocalories at the same time? Then this protein wrap with tuna is exactly what you are looking for!

Protein wrap with tuna

Oatmeal with cinnamon and fresh fruit

Do you ever eat oatmeal? Oatmeal contains many complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and also a lot of fiber. Perfect as breakfast or after your workout!

Oatmeal fresh fruit cinnamon

Choco Protein Pancakes

Who doesn't like pancakes and chocolate? These Choco Protein Pancakes contain extra protein due to the liquid proteins and the Whey.

Choco Protein Pancakes

Pita bread with spicy chicken

Do you like spicy? And do you like chicken? Then these pita bread with spicy chicken are for you! 2 sandwiches contain no less than 61 grams of protein!

Pita bread with spicy chicken

Avocado dip with toast

Everyone has such a moment that you want to snack. This avocado dip with toast is made in a jiffy, very tasty and also responsible.

Avocado dip

Homemade spicy chicken burgers

Chicken burgers are the more protein-rich variant of regular beef burgers. With this recipe you can make protein-rich burgers with hardly any carbohydrates or fats!

Spicy chicken burgers

Vegetarian shawarma with couscous, string beans and garlic sauce

Vegetarian shawarma is very similar to real shawarma these days. But the best thing is that it also contains less fat and more protein!

Vegetarian Shawarma

Chicken toast with BBQ sauce

Sandwiches are a delicious and easy way to have a good lunch. This chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce contains a lot of fiber, proteins and low (saturated) fat.

Chicken toast with BBQ sauce

Spinach smoothie bowl

Do you have trouble getting your daily portion of fruit and vegetables? This Spinach Smoothie Bowl contains no less than 150 grams of spinach and is full of protein!

Spinach smoothie bowl

Protein-rich home-made schnitzel

Schnitzels are often seen as 'bad meat', but to make a schnitzel of fillet steaks yourself, you only get little fat and a lot of protein!

Home-made schnitzel

Healthy cheesecake with fresh fruit

Looking for a healthy variant of the cheesecake? Then we have good news for you! This cheesecake is high in protein, low in fat and tastes great!

Healthy cheesecake

Chicken burger with sweet potato fries

No idea what to eat tonight and you don't want to make it too difficult? Then this chicken burger rich in protein might be something for you!

Chicken burger

Delicious crackers with tzatziki

With these Delicious Crackers with tzatziki you not only have a very quick snack, but you also easily get enough protein!

Delicious crackers with tzatziki

Chicken satay sandwich

A sandwich with chicken satay always works well. You have to check if you can make such a sandwich yourself! It is a very easy recipe but the taste is delicious.

Chicken satay sandwich

Tofu burgers with samurai sauce

Vegetarian food is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. That is why today we have a recipe from tofu burgers. Tofu contains a lot of proteins and almost no fat, ideal as a meat replacement.

Tofu Burgers

BBQ Chicken Taco Wraps

Every (strength) athlete sometimes eats chicken. It is an excellent protein source that contains very little fat. This recipe is very simple and you have delicious BBQ Chicken Taco Wraps on the table within fifteen minutes!

BBQ Chicken Taco Wraps

Debt-free enjoyment with zucchini chips

Of course no chips fit into a healthy diet, but this is an exception! A bowl of zucchini chips contains only 27 kcal!

Zucchini Chips

Home-made carpaccio with truffle mayo

Carpaccio is a well-known appetizer in many restaurants. With this recipe you can easily make a delicious, protein-rich carpaccio with light truffle mayo!


Healthy oatmeal apple pie

Do you want to be able to enjoy a piece of apple pie guilt-free? This oatmeal apple pie contains only 205 calories per point!

Oatmeal apple pie

Crispy chicken strips with spicy mayo

Do you also love crispy chicken? With this recipe you make them yourself and they contain almost no fat and sugar, but all the proteins you need!

Crispy Chicken

Avocado brownies

Avocado brownies, that may sound strange, but it is really delicious! 1 brownie contains only 118 kcal of which 7 grams of protein!

Avocado Brownies

Sweet 'N Sour Wok dish

The Sweet 'N Sour Wok dish with light sauce lets you enjoy your wok dish without feeling guilty and makes your meal super healthy, light and delicious!

Sweet 'N Sour Wok dish

Toast with sweet cottage cheese

Hüttenkäse has made considerable progress in recent years. Normally we use it in savory dishes, but this time we have a sweet variety!

Toast with sweet cottage cheese

High Protein Vegetable Omelet - Muscle Meat Special

If you've had a good night out, are you preparing for a tough workout or are you simply hungry, then this High Protein Vegetable Omelette is for you.

High Protein Vegetable Omelet

Indian Orak Arik

Today we have a delicious Indian vegetable recipe called orak arik. This recipe is often made in Indian cuisine with cabbage and / or leek. The recipe contains many proteins and is relatively easy to prepare.

Indian Orak Arik

Pita Chicken Gyros - Muscle Meat Special

Close your eyes with every bite of this Pita Kip Gyros and let the holiday feeling overwhelm you. This way you can turn every weekend into a mini vacation!

Pita Chicken Gyros

Sweet 'n sour tuna sandwich

Tuna is one of the easiest high-quality protein sources to eat quickly. With this sandwich you can finish in about 5 minutes and contain only 216 calories per sandwich, of which 20 grams of protein!

Tuna sandwich

Healthy Snackbar Menu - Muscle Meat Special

Enjoy the taste of the snack bar, but without all the unnecessary calories and fats? You can do that with the Healthy Snackbar Menu!

Healthy Snack Bar Menu

Healthy Nacho Plate - Muscle Meat Special

They go like hot cakes over the counter on every terrace: Nachos! But what if you can eat a plate of nachos for exactly the same nutritional value as a 'normal' filled wrap and low fat ground beef? This Healthy Nacho Plate simply fits into your diet!

Healthy Nacho Plate

Healthy waffles with cherry sauce

How do you make your day even better than it already was? Right, with waffles! The recipe is fairly simple and you can have the waffles in front of you within 8 minutes. In addition, these waffles with cherry sauce are full of proteins and contain little sugar and saturated fats!

Waffles with cherry sauce

Homemade healthy egg salad

Every strength athlete sometimes eats eggs. They are nutritious, tasty and easy to prepare. Today we eat eggs in the form of a delicious egg salad. Egg salads are often made with a lot of mayonnaise, which is why we have used the Light Sauce Mayonnaise that contains 0% fat, which is ideal!

homemade healthy egg salad

Buddha Bowl Chicken Curry

In the summer you want to be outside as much as possible and therefore to stand in a warm kitchen as little as possible, because the sun's rays are already warm enough. It's not for nothing that easy, fast salads are incredibly popular at this time of the year. And then there is the Buddha Bowl, the salad bowl where everything comes together!

buddha bowl chicken curry

Red fruit smoothie

What could be better than sitting in the sun and drinking a healthy smoothie? This smoothie contains no added sugars, is high in protein and also contains a whole lot of vitamins! You will have this red fruit smoothie ready within 5 minutes!

Red fruit smoothie

Healthy Arretjescake with only 3 ingredients!

Does that seem familiar to you? That you are sitting on the couch at the weekend, that you have been wise enough not to get any tasty things into your home, but that you are missing goodies next to your cup of tea? Fortunately, with 3 ingredients that are delicious without each other, you can make 1 of the tastiest snacks ever! Healthy Arretjescake!

Healthy arret cake

BBQ Scrambled Eggs

These BBQ Scrambled eggs are perfect to start your day with but could also continue as lunch. In addition to whole eggs, the scrambled eggs also contain extra egg proteins, which means that 1 portion contains no less than 49 grams of protein! With only 5 minutes preparation time, your food will be on the table in no time!

Scrambled eggs

Super low carb, low calorie pizza with pumpkin bottom

Pizza, we can't stop talking about it and we all keep trying to make our favorite snack even tastier or healthier. Now we dare to tell you that there is no pizza to be found that is going to be healthier than the pizza in this recipe!

Pumpkin pizza

Chocolate breakfast shake

For many people, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. This breakfast shake is very simple to make, is ready quickly and is packed with proteins and carbohydrates. Are you not a morning person? Then this shake is the ideal way for you to start the day!

Chocolate breakfast shake

Light Chicken Teriyaki Salad

Asian meals are usually already very healthy, but the sauces often ruin the nutritional value a bit. The Light Sauce Series now has a solution for that, with the Light Sauce Teriyaki you can put a delicious, healthy chicken teriyaki salad on the table in no time!

Chicken Teriyaki

Spicy tuna quesadilla

Have you ever eaten quesadillas? It is a Mexican variant of the Dutch sandwich. Quesadilla is often made with minced meat, vegetables and cheese. We have made a variant with spicy tuna and our own light mayonnaise. A whole quasadilla contains only 554 kcal and no less than 61 grams of protein!

spicy tuna quesadilla

Vegetarian protein-rich soup

Fancy a delicious soup, but don't feel like standing in the kitchen for a long time? Try this vegetarian protein-rich soup! The Delicious Protein Soup is very low in carbohydrates, so also in sugars, fat and very high in proteins.

High protein soup

Greek yogurt with red fruit Granola

Granola has recently become a whole food hype. Our granola is relatively low in sugars and high in proteins. This recipe with 2 types of Greek yogurt and granola is delicious for breakfast, lunch and even for dessert!


Banana-protein pancakes with strawberry sauce

We have another delicious pancake recipe for you. This time made with banana protein powder, banana slices and our own strawberry-light sauce. The recipe can be made in a jiffy and is packed with good nutrients. Do you want to make the recipe? Read on quick.


Pita bread with chicken shawarma

A shawarma sandwich is always tasty, especially with garlic sauce. We have come up with a recipe that is considerably lower in calories than a 'normal shawarma sandwich'. This recipe contains homemade chicken shawarma and our own light garlic sauce.

chicken shawarma

Healthy Foe Yong Hai

Foe Yong Hai, a favorite with the Chinese, but the sauce in abundance makes it rarely your healthiest choice. But that is changing today! With this recipe you conjure up a delicious, healthy Foe Yong Hai with Light Sauce on the table!

foe yong hai

Caramel Snickerdoodle Protein Cookies

The Snickerdoodle is an American cookie and perhaps we can best compare it with our Dutch shortbread. A Snickerdoodle is characterized by its cinnamon flavor. With this recipe you can add a good dose of protein and you will always have your Snickerdoodle Protein Cookies to hand!

snickerdoodle protein cookies

Healthy chocolate mousse

A chocolate mousse is delicious as a dessert. Just a pity that it is always packed with sugar and (saturated) fat. This recipe, on the other hand, is relatively low in calories and contains virtually no added sugar and saturated fat, partly due to organic cocoa powder. Fancy a healthy chocolate mousse? This is your chance!

Chocolate mousse

Sloppy Jane

The Sloppy Jane is the healthy version of the American Sloppy Joe. With a spelled bun instead of a hambuger bread, a lean chicken burger instead of fat minced beef, lots of fresh vegetables and a Light Sauce Italian you come with a hamburger sandwich to 300 grams of vegetables and enough protein!

Sloppy Jane Hamburger Sandwich

Sweet pizza with chocolate and fruit

Who doesn't like pizza? Today we made a sweet pizza, topped with fruit and Delicious Protein Spread chocolate spread. The pizza contains no added sugars and is full of vitamins. Do you like pizza and at the same time you like sweets? Then you definitely have to make this pizza!

Sweet pizza header

Light Shrimp Cocktail

With the light sauces you can easily facilitate the nicest dishes. So you still enjoy a delicious dish like a shrimp cocktail, but then just as your weekday lunch! So get this cocktail sauce with your next order and enjoy maximum, for minimal calories!

Shrimp cocktail light

Protein fluff with forest fruits

The protein fluff has become a phenomenon among many food lovers. An airy mousse of ice cream and egg whites. We have come up with a delicious recipe with forest fruits, vanilla protein and tasty toppings. You have the fluff on the table in about 8 to 10 minutes!

Protein fluff

Vanilla carrot cheesecake

A carrot cake is pure enjoyment with a cup of coffee, but unfortunately the average carrot cake is full of sugar. But what if you can enjoy a healthy carrot cake every day? That sounds too good to be true, but this recipe gives you a delicious vanilla-carrot cheesecake full of protein!

vanilla carrot cheesecake

Chocolate and peanut butter popcorn

Occasionally it is just nice to set your mind to 0 and to plop on the couch with a nice snack. But what are you going to take? We have a chocolate and peanut butter popcorn recipe that is perfect for snacking in front of the TV, while still watching what you get!


High protein Texas BBQ style pizza

Attention all pizza lovers! Discover a high protein pizza with a BBQ chicken flavor. A worldwide favorite that you could now eat every day!

Texas BBQ Pizza

Candybar Waffles

Dates like natural caramel, vanilla whey as the nougat and the hazelnuts, they just remain themselves, this whole makes the delicious Candybar Waffles!

candy bar waffles

Blueberry protein shake

Looking for a delicious alternative to your normal shake, full of proteins, complex carbohydrates and vitamins? Discover the Blueberry Protein Shake!

Blueberry protein shake

Cookie bots

Do you always want something tasty before going to sleep? With this recipe you can turn your Night Protein into a delicious snack! Meet Cookie Schotsen!

Cookie bots

Cinnamon pancakes with chocolate spread

Are you bulging and are you still looking for a good calorie-rich meal? Then we have the perfect recipe for you! Cinnamon pancakes with chocolate spread!

Sweet potato chips with herbal mayonnaise

Do you want chips but do they not fit within your macros? Then we have a recipe for you of sweet potato chips that only contain 224 kcal!

Sweet potato crisps

Christmas shake

December is every speculaas lover's favorite month. Filled gingerbread in the form of a super nutritious Christmas Shake, what more do you want ?!

christmas shake

Protein Hot Chocolate

This stunner for the cold days will undoubtedly appeal to everyone, so treat yourself or your environment to this Protein Hot Chocolate!

Protein Hot chocolate

Brownie Mug Cake

Do you want a simple snack that also has good nutritional values? Then try our mug cake with the Delicious Protein Brownie!

mug cake

Spicy Mango Pistachio Nicecream

Nicecream, it's not just ice cream, but also nice! And by nice we mean: healthy, easy and rich in protein.


Light Gado Gado

Gado Gado, an Indonesian favorite and a perfect power meal from blanched vegetables, a portion of brown rice and two boiled eggs!

light gado gado

Vegetable omelet

Are you looking for a lunch that is low in carbohydrates and fat, but high in protein? Then we have a perfect recipe for you; our vegetable omelet!
vegetable omelet

Healthy Hair Salon

Here we don't have to make many words about dirt, a healthy hair salon. Again: a healthy hair salon !! What does a man want more?!


Protein Pepper Nuts

You want protein-rich gingerbread cookies, that is not the XXL piet. Therefore this recipe for you, with Protein Pepernoten!

protein ginger nuts

Cherry cottage cheese cake

This cherry cottage cheese cake is such an ideal recipe that you can put together in 5 minutes, and then enjoy every day for a week!
cherry cottage cheese cake

Mango, mint and chocolate spread crepes

Crepes are tasty pancakes, but are rarely healthy. That is why we now have these delicious crêpes with mango, Delicious Protein Spread and a little mint


Orange Meringue Pancakes

These Orange Meringue Pancakes are the perfect breakfast to surprise your family (or yourself) with on the weekend, have a nice cup of tea and enjoy it!

orange meringue pancakes

Baked potato with sweet chili pulled chicken

Do you have no inspiration what to eat tonight? Then we have a nice recipe for you; baked potato filled with sweet chili pulled chicken.

Jacket potato

Frozen Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie

This frozen strawberry breakfast smoothie does not contain all the necessary nutrients for your breakfast, but is also a gem when it comes to taste!

Breakfast smoothie

Rice sheet spring rolls with chicken and chili sauce

Spring rolls are one of the best known Asian snacks. These rice skin spring rolls are responsible, healthy and delicious with our Light sweet chili sauce.

Rice sheet Spring rolls

Healthy Sticky Toffee Pudding

Do you also want to continue enjoying a delicacy with coffee? Then try this Healthy Sticky Toffee Pudding, inspired by the British dessert.

healthy sticky toffee pudding

French toast with chocolate spread

Do you want to have a really nice breakfast? Then try these French toast with our protein-rich Delicious Protein Spread filling!

French toast

Turkish pizza with chicken kebab

A Turkish pizza with enough protein and relatively low fat? Everyone wants that! With this recipe you will learn how to make a tasty Turkish pizza with chicken kebab!

Turkish pizza chicken kebab

High-protein vanilla / banana milkshake

Enough of all the sugars and fats in your milkshakes? Then try this protein-rich vanilla / banana milkshake that also contains vitamins!

protein-rich vanilla / banana milkshake

Airy and protein-rich vanilla pancakes

Pancakes, who doesn't like them? Here we have a recipe for delicious protein-rich vanilla pancakes that are also light and airy!

Protein-rich Vanilla pancakes

Oriental omelette with steak and bean sprouts

Do you need a protein-rich meal after exercise? Then try this oriental omelet with egg proteins from XXL Nutrition, steak and bean sprouts.

Oriental Omelette

Making Protein Bars: XXL Peanut Butter Protein Bars

Do you want to make protein bars yourself? In this article you will find an easy recipe for making your own protein bars without using an oven!

Make protein bars

Protein Cheesecake with Strawberries

Are you looking for a good recipe for a protein cheesecake? We explain step by step how to make a delicious protein cheesecake!


A Delicious Protein Frappuccino

Looking for some variety to get your proteins? In this video you can see and read the recipe for a delicious protein frappuccino!

Protein Frappuccino

Delicious Apple Pie

Do you also like apple pie? The apple pie that you find on birthdays only offers you little valuable nutritional value, so that's why we have this alternative for you! Packed with protein and sugars from a normal apple pie have been replaced by complex carbohydrates from oatmeal. Discover the Delicious Apple Pie!

Delicious Apple Pie

Vanilla Cranberry Bars

With this simple recipe you can make delicious vanilla cranberry bars that are rich in proteins from whey and eggs, carbohydrates from oatmeal and cranberries and good fats from cashew nuts. Easy to make in large quantities and a pleasure to eat every time!

vanilla cranberry bars

Strawberry Coconut Pudding

Want to enjoy a delicious creamy dessert full of protein? You do that with the Strawberry Coconut Pudding! This recipe shows the best side of Delicious Protein Pudding with protein, healthy fats and micronutrients in abundance!

Strawberry coconut pudding

Delicious cheese cake

Everyone loves cake! Unfortunately, most pies do not have very good nutritional values ​​with lots of sugars and fats, but only little protein. This Delicious Cheesecake is an exception to that! The recipe is packed with healthy ingredients and is super tasty!

Delicious cheesecake

Chocolate rice bars

You know it: You cooked rice for the week, but accidentally made too much. Throw away? Of course not, that's a shame! With this delicious recipe you can turn your remaining rice into delicious Chocolate Rice Bars that combine taste, excellent nutritional values ​​and convenience into one bar.

Chocolate rice bars

Almond Banana Pancakes

Do you also love pancakes? We know the feeling, but unfortunately they fit so badly in your diet. That is now changing, because with this recipe you can responsibly enjoy delicious, protein-rich Almond Banana Pancakes!

almond banana pancakes

Do you know any other healthy, tasty and easy recipes? Let us know in the comments and who knows, maybe your recipe will be in our recipe book!

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