Nutrition schedule: Time to build muscle mass!

Nutrition schedule: Time to build muscle mass!

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We have prepared a feeding schedule for you in the summer 10 weeks on the beach with a six pack. However, the summer is coming to an end, it is getting colder outside again and there is a good chance that you will appear in public less and less without a shirt. We all know what that means of course, time to build muscle! We also want to help you with a balanced schedule with which you get all the nutrients needed to grow your muscles without this resulting in unnecessary fat! The schedule is therefore a typical one clean bulk. This means that you eat above your maintenance and eat the food that your body needs, CANNOT that you are going to eat everything that you encounter so that you will be walking around in a few months with overweight!

One size does NOT fit all!

We already said it during the schedule to train dry and here we say it again: we try to align this diet plan to the widest possible group so that many people can benefit from it. That said, everyone is different and that makes preparing a ready-made nutrition plan that works very difficult for everyone. So you have to take into account not only someone's body weight, but also the fat percentage. This fat percentage not only determines how much fat you have, but also gives an estimate of your muscle mass. What we want to achieve with this scheme is therefore a maximum increase in fat-free (muscle) mass, without it your fat percentage rises out of the pan. So keep an eye on this by means of skin fold measurements.

Everyone has a different situation

Furthermore, there are countless factors that can cause you to eat more or less. For example, your metabolism may be a little faster or slower by nature, you train more often or less often, your activity during the day plays a huge role or your insulin sensitivity is not what it should be, which means that you should actually consume fewer carbohydrates. This is just the tip of the veil, so keep in mind that this feeding schedule is not your final destination, but a good starting point that you can adjust depending on your progression.

Below we will outline a profile for who this diet is made, along with the variation options that we will also describe later in the diagram.

Meet Mr. XXL

Just as with the feeding schedule for a six-pack, this schedule is also tailored to the needs of Mr. XXL. Mr. XXL has followed our feeding schedule for a six-pack for the summer and has achieved a good result. Where he first weighed 90 kilos with a fat percentage of 15%, he lowered this to a body weight of 82 kilos with a fat percentage of 10%. His fat-free mass has decreased by a few pounds, but that will mainly be because Mr. XXL also loses fluid, his glycogen level is lower and he will probably have lost some muscle mass during the diet.

Now Mr. wants XXL therefore spend time building up that fat-free mass, while his fat percentage increases by a few percent at most, so that he does not have to start again from the beginning next year!

Mr. Lifestyle XXL

Mr. XXL still has a moderately active lifestyle. He still studies 3 days a week and the other 2 days he does an internship at XXL Nutrition. Despite the fact that he sits a lot, he cycles everywhere, so that gives him around 30 to 40 minutes of cardio a day. Mr. XXL has changed his schedule whereby he will train more on heavy, compound movements such as squats, bench presses and deadlifts. He still goes 4 times a week. He always goes to work out around 19:00 PM, after dinner. With this we will take into account his feeding schedule. He likes to eat 4 meals a day, with a separate addition after his training. That way he can also train at a different time and still have the same nutrients with him.

Build muscle mass

Hey, I don't recognize myself in Mr. XXL!

As we said at the start, everyone's situation is different and therefore it can happen that you totally do not recognize yourself in Mr.'s situation. XXL. For that reason we also give you 2 other nutrition plans.

One is from Mr. XXL Junior, the smaller brother of Mr. XXL. Mr. XXL Junior has been training dry and he has reached 72 kilos with a fat percentage of 10%. This schedule can also be used when you are over 72 pounds, but exercise less than Mr. XXL. For example when you do everything by car or train less often per week.

Then we have the big brother, Mr. XXL Senior. It now weighs 92 kilos, also based on 10% body fat. This schedule is meant for the bigger boys, but just as well for the lighter boys who are much more active. For example when you have intensive work on construction or in a warehouse, so you can safely take 10.000 steps a day.

With these three schemes we try to lay a good foundation for most men.


One important message before we continue with the schedule! Perhaps you now think: "Yes, I like those schemes based on someone at 10%, but my fat percentage is much higher!". If that is the case and your fat percentage is 15% or higher, then it is wise in the first instance to ask yourself whether you should (clean) bulge. It is probably better to first lower your fat percentage and only then start thinking about bulging. The higher your fat percentage at the start of this schedule, the greater the chance that you will also gain more fat. So only start (clean) bulking once you have a good basis for this! Otherwise, first start with our 10-week schedule for a six-pack and then start bulging effectively clean!

The structure of the schedule

Time for the final piece of dry theory before we go to the 'good stuff'. We discuss here the structure of the diet plan. For clean bulking, too, our goal is to show an accessible schedule without all exceptional methods. For example, we are not going to place all our carbohydrates around the training, as with carb backloading, because for many people this is not a realistic approach. If you want to make an adjustment because of preferences or maybe even allergies, feel free to do so!

Below you will find the most important starting points for the feeding schedule:

Training experience [1-3 years of experience]

The XXL brothers have been training for a while, but are not yet seasoned bodybuilders. Extreme measures are therefore not necessary. You could say that Mr. XXL Senior with his 92 kilos at a fat percentage of 10% is the one who has had the most luck with his genes, but this may just as well be because he is almost 2 meters long.

Calorie surplus [+ 10%]

Because we really put the emphasis on clean bulking, we do not get too high in calories, 10 percent above maintenance we start with. Hereby it is good to remember that it is a starting point for your diet. If you do not arrive or even lose weight, increase the quantities!

Protein intake [2 g / kg body weight]

The protein intake is based on the scientifically substantiated 1,8 grams per kilo of body weight. For the sake of convenience we will round this to 2 grams per kilo of body weight because we are probably going to be slightly higher.

Fat intake [0,8 g / kg body weight]

We don't want fats to be too high, but not too low either. With 0,8 grams per kilo of body weight you should be able to get enough good fats for both your health and your physical result. If this eventually gets a little higher because it simply comes out that way, that's fine, as long as the sources of those fats come from healthy products and not from fries, cakes and ice cream.

Carbohydrate intake [Remnant]

What remains of calories will be allocated to carbohydrates. The spread of this is kept as even as possible during the day. Compared to the fat loss schedule, carbohydrates in particular will be a lot higher, purely because the calorie intake is also considerably higher.

Vitamins & minerals [Enough!]

Health should never be of secondary importance, so we will keep the diet as healthy as possible in addition to being as effective as possible!

Good, the preparations are finished, time for the feeding schedule!

Build muscle mass

Mr.'s feeding schedule XXL [82 kg, 10% body fat]

Yes, let's get started! As we said, Mr. XXL 82 kilos and he has 10% body fat. Together with his lifestyle that gives him an average maintenance level of 2718 kilocalories per day. With that amount he would therefore remain exactly on weight. If you have also read the article for fat loss you may notice that his need has gone down. That's right, because Mr. After all, XXL has now lost some kilos and his muscle mass has fallen a little, which means that his daily consumption is lower.

We calculate what Mr. XXL needs to eat to bulge clean:

Kcal: 2990

Protein: 164 grams (32%) (again lower due to its lower weight at the moment)

Carbohydrates: 436 grams (58%) (we personally think this is a bit high, so we will play with this by putting more protein and fat in the schedule)

Fats: 66 grams (20%)

With these values ​​in mind, we continue to the diet plan! (You can also find this in PDF format at the bottom of the article so that you can easily download and print it!)

Meal 1

BreakfastCarb Gainer complex, 100 grams38639399
Whole milk, 300 milliliters18391414

Mr. XXL is usually in a hurry in the morning and getting up half an hour earlier to eat is not an option for him. Fortunately, getting good nutrients with little time is no problem, so we opt for a Complex Carb Gainer shake together with whole milk. This way you have a combination of high-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates and good fats to start the day well.

Meal 2

LunchWhole grain bread, 6 slices47419838
Fried egg, 4 pieces28825119
Natural peanut butter, 20 grams1204410

Mr. XXL also prefers convenience during the day, so he opts for whole-grain sandwiches with his protein-rich fillings. He invests 4 slices of bread with 4 fried eggs, the remaining 2 slices go on natural peanut butter. Depending on how busy he is that day, he eats all of this at once, or splits the meal into 2 times 3 sandwiches.

Meal 3

SupperChicken fillet, 125 grams1492704
Basmati rice, 100 grams (uncooked)3657801
Dry roasted almonds, 15 grams87337
Broccoli, 200 grams686131

Dinner is a fairly basic, but above all flexible meal. The chicken fillet can be alternated with other lean meat, but fatter meat or fish is also a good choice if the almonds are omitted. The rice can be alternated with (sweet) potato and the vegetables can also be filled completely to taste!

Meal 4

Before bedtimeNight Protein, 40 grams1473610
Whole milk, 250 milliliters15381212
Banana, 1 piece1231310
Perfect Oats, 50 grams1787333

To provide the body with sufficient protein before going to sleep, the Night Protein was chosen. This is combined with whole milk, a banana and 50 grams of Perfect Oats. The whole goes into the blender and a wonderfully thick, creamy shake is created. The combination of all these nutrients ensures that the shake fills well and also for a gradual release of the nutrients.

Meal 5

Post workout shakeAdvanced Post Workout, 70 grams26520450

On training days, an Advanced Post Workout shake is added after the training. With a combination of, among others, Peptopro, Essential amino acids, Vitargo, Waxy Maize and various other amino acids and minerals, you can't miss out on this. Mr. XXL adds extra creatine monohydrate to support the growth of muscle mass and strength increase. A good alternative to Advanced Post Workout that also contains creatine right away is Mega Grow.

Day total


And above you finally see the total values ​​for the day! As you can see, we have achieved the calorie goal almost perfectly, but we have shifted somewhat in the distribution of the macros. We have opted for slightly more fats so that we get a good amount with every meal and the proteins are also slightly higher in the end. If you really don't want this, you could lower the proteins a little and add some carbohydrates for that. In addition to the diet plan, we recommend the following dietary supplements:

Recommended supplements

Creatine monohydrate5 grams together with your Advanced Post Workout. On rest days at breakfast.
Pre workout boosterApprox. One dose 30 minutes before training. Pay attention to what time you take it, taking it too late in the evening can get in your way. Take a stimulant-free pre workout such as this Pump'd Up of Xtreme Pump.
Essential Amino Stack / BCAA PowderOne dose during training.
Multivit1 tablet per day.
Vitamin D3 1000IU of 3000IUDepending on how much you get into the sun daily, you take 1000-3000 per day.
Omega-3 Ultra Pure2 soft gels per day. On days when you eat oily fish such as salmon, you can skip it.

Exercise biceps

Mr.'s feeding schedule XXL Junior [72 kg, 10% body fat] (or heavier and very inactive)

Mr.'s schedule XXL Junior is calculated for someone who weighs 72 kilos or weighs more than 72 kilos but has a very low activity level. You can download this diagram as a PDF file at the bottom of the article.

Mr.'s feeding schedule XXL [92 kg, 10% body fat] (or lighter and very active)

Mr.'s schedule XXL Senior is calculated for someone who weighs 92 kilos, or weighs less than 92 kilos, but who moves a lot during the day. You can download this diagram as a PDF file at the bottom of the article.

Time to go to the supermarket!

That was it: the nutritional schedule for clean bulking and building that fat-free muscle mass! It is, of course, important that you follow everything down to the last detail, that your training is in order and that you also get enough sleep and rest. But if you have all this in order, you are ready to make good use of this winter and finish a good number of kilos heavier! So what are you waiting for? Quickly to the supermarket and start!

Download the diagrams to build muscle mass here!

Nutrition schedule - Time to build muscle mass! [72 kg, 10%]

Nutrition schedule - Time to build muscle mass! [82 kg, 10%]

Nutrition schedule - Time to build muscle mass! [92 kg, 10%]

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