The weekend messes up everything

The weekend messes up everything

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We have already talked a few times about good intentions. I want to dive a little further in motivation, willpower and perseverance; On my Insta Stories I have posted a few posts about this on the last Monday and I notice a lot of interest in these topics. For that reason I want to devote my time this time and ask your attention for ... the weekend.

That hazy presence in space time between Friday and Monday, in which pleasure is experienced, in which there is no more energy shortage than sleep deprivation and in which maintaining a diet plan is just as impossible as answering the question 'is the word heterologically a heterologous word'?

No idea what I'm talking about? If you continue reading that will be fine. (And no, I'm not going to teach you linguistics).

A typical week


Monday is the best friend of newly found motivation and of 'but this time I'm really going to do it'. And therefore also your best friend. Your containers of prepared meals are ready in the refrigerator for the coming days; toiled a few hours on Sunday because you are really fed up with no plan to work. You already have in your head how your chest will go to ruin (together with all the other fanatics who have all regained their motivation) and your shake cup with 3 scoops Pre Workout has been ready since yesterday to be brought to life with a splash of water. It's going to be alright!

The Tuesday

Tuesday is a good friend of Monday, and friends of your friends are also your friends. Okay, Tuesday you rake 4 times cold broccoli with chicken and white rice (you don't have to heat up because that's not hardcore). Training also works nicely on Tuesday and your cardio will follow you again just like Monday. Will succeed!

After Tuesday another 5 days of darkness, uncertainty and darkness, after which your best friend will welcome you with open arms on Monday (but then next week). The light at the end of the tunnel, if you just sit that one week without deviating from your plan, everything will be fine!

Cardio training


Well. Wednesday. Wednesday is a bit stumpert that rides Monday in his group of friends because Wednesday does not drink; a bit boring, and especially unpleasant, because he never likes to participate, but yes. At least always a lift home. So Wednesday is always allowed along with Monday and Tuesday and that is why you think Wednesday is ok too.

On Wednesday you keep your food clean, but you grab a piece of salmon instead of chicken. Salmon is healthy! Fatty fish at least twice a week, because the Nutrition Center must do that! So actually it's only good that you deviate a bit!

Your training is okay, but you will catch up with cardio later, because you bumped your little toe last month and in the article about injuries you read that it is better to rest a little too long than a moment too short. The ego boost of that half an hour trudge on the treadmill (...?) Is shorter than the potential injury, so it has nothing to do with no sense but you just choose the wisest!


A heavy workout is scheduled for Thursday evening ... You skipped your anatomy lessons, but apparently you have a body part called 'legs' and according to your schedule it still needs to be trained. This training seems to be tough ... so losing your willpower to stay on schedule when it comes to nutrition, you talk well with your extra energy requirements this evening .. You put your meal with broccoli, chicken and rice in the darkest corner of your bag (where you won't find it until after a month because jungle sounds start to come out of your bag and apparently there are plants with coats that like to grow in containers) and you get a sandwich from the Subway. Healthy? Certainly! Nothing wrong. 3 cookies for 2 euros? If it costs so little, it may not contain many calories. Go ahead!

Full of energy (or actually too full) you pop out a good leg workout. Of course, is already cardio in itself, so you don't have to. Good training, reasonable day in terms of nutrition; Survived Thursday. 3 days left…

Leg press

The Friday

And then came Friday ..

The weekend is almost there ..! You can already see the bright spot at the end of the tunnel and you can already hear Monday calling in the distance. You are almost there, just hang on! A few in tears, but you're a hell of a lot! 'nothing but a fleshwound!' You googled sayings about scars for a moment and suddenly come across this: 'The wound is the place where the Light enters you'. After google translate you understand him, but he sounds better in English, so that's how you justify that bit of damage from Thursday (that salmon from Wednesday was just good, you know!).

You take your containers back to work. That. A few. Days. Yet.

A friend offers you a candy. Yesterday had a big legday .. and in candy there are carbohydrates so ahead. You have to recover!

The rest of the day you keep your diet tidy and on the way home a big smile appears on your face ... You got it ...!

The fridge is empty at home, but there is still a pizza in the freezer. Shopping with hunger is bad, because then you will buy pizzas. Always eat before you go shopping! So you eat pizza.

Pizza leads to a night out. In advance you decide not to drink. That plan changes into 1 mixed drink, but with light soft drinks, so you are actually doing really well ... And you forget the rest of the evening.

The weekend cheat meal

The weekend

You wake up on Saturday mid-afternoon and given the fact that you don't get a hangover from spa red, plus the sensation of the garlic smell coming out of your pores, it will probably have gone more on Friday night than that one mixed drink (with light soda, because you are doing well!).

Very tired, you decide that this will be a chill day; Sparerib Express, Netflix and to bed. Nice day like that.

Again failed

And as soon as you open your eyes on Sunday and see your rain splashing out of the gray sky on your windows, a flood of disappointment, awareness of failure and irritation flow into your body along with that 'light'. Another week messed up. Again not kept to the plan.

You soon take it up for yourself: “Stress. Little sleep. The rest have drunk more than I so it is not too bad. I have exercised at least 4 times. I ate my vegetables every day. ”

Does this seem familiar to you in more or more sizes (no, that was not a typo)? At least me. Nowadays fortunately a lot less to almost nothing, but I have experienced this too often to count. I read it on the Instagram pages of people in competition preparation. I see it with family trying to lose weight. With friends trying to lose weight. And sometimes even with myself.

Why is this and what do you do with it?

The forbidden fruit

Adam and Eve, Pandora and almost all people in history who have ever tried a diet have all experienced it personally; Something that is not allowed is tasty.

Creating a diet that excludes entire product groups can never be sustained for a long time, no matter how strong you are in your shoes. Sooner or later you will succumb. There is no perfect diet, there is no bad diet. A good diet, or good nutrition, depends on what works for you. In addition, labeling food as good or bad often results in feeling guilty when you 'go wrong', which in turn results in disappointment, accompanied by stress, irritation, and a line of thought like 'Monday I will really start'. By completely banning certain foods that you would like to eat, you may create a problem that doesn't have to be there. "Don't think of a pink elephant." "What you resist, persists."

Instead of demonizing foods, you can better think from what is allowed, as I do in one previous article have described. A healthy lifestyle is something you should practice. Do not aim for perfection, but for practicing a healthy lifestyle as well as possible.

Healthy food

Rules are there to be broken

Or at least, according to Arnold, his 6 rules of being successful. By labeling foods as good or bad or avoiding them completely, you put these foods on a pedestal. You allow some foods to exert a certain power over you. Treat all food the same. In the beginning, you may well be loose on everything that you have forbidden yourself in the recent period, but you will be fed up with the taste of kitchen cabinet doors that were not properly screwed on.

Afterwards, teach yourself that you are never going to be perfect (because you never have been and there is no such thing as perfect). And that's okay. Instead of viewing food through glasses of forbidden and allowed, healthy and bad, you better ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I full?
  • Am I hungry?
  • Am I saturated?

Eat what is needed and maybe even what you feel like; Not what 'might also fit in with it' and 'I haven't finished this for months!'.

cheat days

I can keep this short. Cheatdays are nonsense. Bullshit.

When you are in a prep, a cheat MEAL can be tasty, but this article is not about people in prep.

I had already described a typical cheat day above; Netflix on at 16 p.m. with zakkie chips, possibly friends over the floor. Delivery at 00:18. At 00 p.m. you conjure up the lock of your fridge like a real Houdini and 21 bins of Ben and Jerries. At 00 p.m. you realize that your cheat day is only 3 hour away, so you rush to check the labels of everything in the pantry to find what contains the most calories. This is no longer about hunger. This is no longer about meaning. This is not even about making you feel like it at all. This is a matter of principle.

How can you handle this? Schedule a free space of a few 100 kcal each day where you can eat whatever you want. Now a box of After Eights suddenly doesn't sound that exciting anymore, does it? That is precisely the intention.

Healthy and unhealthy

Lose weight without counting

In the previously published article I have given a number of tips that can also help with weight loss. You can of course also apply these tips here.

  • Make wise food choices; nothing is forbidden, but some choices are smarter.
  • Spend your energy figuring out what you like instead of what you don't like.
  • Learn which foods are high in calories. "Healthy" is not always low in calories.
  • A little hunger is okay.

Take a look at yourself

Do not only be concerned with that end goal at the end of the tunnel, but be aware of the small steps you take towards your goal. Enjoy the journey. Exercising can be fun! Progression can be fun! Stop constantly repairing the damage from last weekend for 5 days, and then do so much damage again in 2 days that it takes 5 days to repair this damage. Stop self-pity, stop drilling yourself into the ground that it didn't work out again.

You are human.

Jan Willem van der Klis

Instagram: @Jay_Whey

This blog is written by

Jan Willem van der Klis

"My focus is on obtaining and disseminating the best possible knowledge to optimize training and nutrition"

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