The top 5 Overrated foods

The top 5 Overrated foods

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In the last few years, countless myths have been invalidated in the bodybuilding world. Beliefs that previously seemed to be the truth, afterwards, seem to hold out less than people thought at the time. For example, fats do not seem as unhealthy as people thought 10 years ago, health and bodybuilding are a better combination than ever thought and, for example, sufficient fiber should not be a side issue, but it is part of the basis of your diet. This also means that many stuck habits might use an improvement. Today we delve deeper into 5 overrated foods that have been eaten in the fitness and bodybuilding world for years, but that may have found a worthy successor.

overrated foods

Chicken breast

We can without a doubt say that chicken fillet is the legend of bodybuilding. Almost every diet has integrated chicken fillet to the maximum, to the point that it sometimes becomes almost antisocial. From this you quickly deduce that chicken fillet must also have particularly good nutritional values. But is that really so? Chicken fillet has gained its popularity because it is very low in fat and at the same time has a protein content of around 20/22%. Combine that with the fact that chicken fillet is relatively inexpensive and can be prepared in countless ways and that quickly makes it a hit in the bodybuilding world.

In addition to these seemingly great features, there are also some lesser points in chicken fillet. For example, it does not contain healthy fats as certain fish do, and there is little mention of other nutrients such as minerals. Beef often wants to contain a proportion of creatine, which is good for strength training, but here too the chicken fillet is missing. Finally, chicken fillet is on the one hand very versatile, but at the same time people rarely perform it well and tenderly. In the world of bodybuilding and strength training, 'good food' is often still a bit of a taboo, resulting in dry, tasteless chicken fillet. Doesn't really sound like a perfect starting point for a long-term diet!

Fortunately there is already an easy solution for the latter. Are you not a kitchen prince (es), but do you want to eat tasty chicken? Then consider the ready-made chicken fillet Muscle meat! Available in different flavors and without a doubt delicious. It also saves you a lot of time and hassle in the kitchen.

chicken liver

The alternative to chicken fillet: chicken livers!

But even though we know how to get the chicken fillet enormously tasty, the limitations in nutritional values ​​remain. The alternative from this article will by no means be reserved for everyone, but it will certainly offer you more value for money in terms of nutritional value. We are talking about chicken livers! Any comparable organ meat is fine, but livers are the most common in the supermarket.

Why do you hear chicken livers thinking? Easy! In addition to the comparable macronutrients with chicken fillet, chicken livers offer a lot of extras. They are packed with vitamins and minerals, including a variety of B-Vitamins, Vitamin A, Iron, Phosphorus and Zinc. Especially the amount of iron that chicken livers contain makes it interesting, especially when you are short of it. Iron is generally quite scarce in the most eaten food.

Does this mean that you have to eat chicken livers daily? Absolutely not, if only because of the fact that the taste is not going to be the favorite of most people. But take it seriously as an alternative to your trusted chicken fillet, to get some valuable micronutrients in addition to those proteins!

overrated foods


Just like chicken fillet, whitefish has long been a sight in the bodybuilding world, particularly in dietary phases in which people want to get as few carbohydrates and fats as possible. Whitefish is usually extremely lean and that makes it an almost pure source of protein, so it is often eaten during a diet. The fact that whitefish consists almost 100% of protein also immediately leads to the most prominent disadvantage: whitefish is often not the tastiest thing you'll find in a diet. There are countless varieties of this type of fish, but cod, coalfish and pangasius are the most common ones.

The fact that whitefish is so lean has made it so popular. Sounds logical, but at the same time it is also extremely contradictory. In the past when people thought that all fats were bad, this was a logical line of thought, but nowadays we know much more about the importance of the right types of fat, both for your health and for your physical. And what is much fat fish known for? Exactly, the Omega-3 content! People eat massive amounts of white fish during a diet to get as lean a product as possible, but they also supplement Omega-3 because they have heard that this is good for you. Sounds like reverse logic. For that reason it is wise to see the power of mother nature and not to consider fish as a source of proteins, but also of those important Omegas!


The alternative to white fish: Salmon, or any other fatty fish

The alternative to white fish is the same as kicking in an open door, but still worth mentioning. We are of course talking about salmon! Salmon has little to no less than your trusted whitefish in terms of protein content, but on top of that add a considerable amount Omega-3 to! Pay attention to which salmon you choose, because the cheaper salmon that you often find in the supermarket is often the variant that is also lower in Omega-3 fatty acids. Again, Muscle Meat would be a wise choice to be assured of a high quality salmon.

In addition to salmon, it is actually the case that most oily fish is a good choice, such as herring, trout or mackerel. Let it be clear that bickering or fish fingers also fall under 'fatty fish', but not as we mean in this article! A nice bowl of squash with garlic sauce is therefore unfortunately still not the way to get your good fats and proteins.

overrated foods


Rice, it's impossible to imagine the body of a bodybuilder. Apart from the fact that rice is childishly easy to prepare, it is also seen as the perfect way to add complex carbohydrates to your diet. Now the foregoing is all true, but it doesn't stop there. The nutritional profile of rice is not that impressive yet and in the case of brown rice it can even have disadvantages!

You can find everything about rice and the better alternative to rice in our article "Has rice had its best time?"

overrated foods


Fruit and bodybuilding is a combination that has had difficulty with each other. Fruit consists for a large part of sugars, or fructose, which naturally occurs in fruit. This has often ensured in fitness and bodybuilding circles that fruit was not seen as 'clean' food and was therefore preferred to be avoided. This may seem strange because fast sugars are often taken around the training to supplement the glycogen reserves, but this also has a logical explanation. For example, research has shown that fructose can only be used to supplement liver glycogen, but not the glycogen in your muscles. This would mean that fructose does not help you to get that full look, but only provides fat storage!

With the above in mind, it is remarkable that one specific type of fruit has always had a large following. We are of course talking about bananas. Bananas are often found in diets, whether it is as a snack, as part of a shake or as a post-workout snack. Bananas are among the fruits of a somewhat higher caloric variety, with a relatively high proportion of carbohydrates. Bananas also contain a number of vitamins and minerals, with potassium in particular, an important mineral that helps with normal muscle function.

But despite these positive points, that should not mean that any kind of fruit consumption should consist of bananas, after all, there is so much more than that!


The alternative to bananas: Low calorific fruit, in particular blueberries

When it comes to fruit, blueberries seem to be a star. A portion of blueberries of 100 grams contains about 40 kcal less than 100 grams of banana, but holds its own when it comes to micronutrients in most areas. In addition, blueberries contain an impressive amount of fiber and Vitamin K. Last but not least: blueberries contain a good amount of antioxidants, in fact, they are extremely high in the list of ORAC values ​​with a value of no less than 13427. This is a scale that the amount of antioxidants in a food measure. There are plenty of products that score even higher, but often these are extracts or herbs. In short, foods that you rarely eat in large quantities. This makes blueberries one of the best foods to get your antioxidants.

overrated foods


Brinta at breakfast, who didn't grow up with it? The popular breakfast cereal is one of the first foods that people are confronted with when they become more serious in the gym and want to pay attention to nutrition. Not surprising, by the way, because Brinta costs virtually nothing and is extremely easy to use. Whether you heat it with some milk and protein powder to make a paste or just mix it as a shake, Brinta is always easy and fast. But there are also down sides to it ...

The classic version of Brinta consists of 100% wholemeal wheat. This fact makes the product high in fiber and high in complex carbohydrates, but at the same time makes it rich in gluten. As most people now know, gluten has not made a good name for itself. A small part of the population suffers Celiac disease, a complete intolerance to gluten with, among other things, intestinal complaints and blockages as a result. However, that is only what is visible on the outside, because it can cause damage to the gastrointestinal tract in the body, it can deteriorate the absorption of nutrients and it can cause a phenomenon called 'leaky gut'.

Now you will think: "But I have no celiac disease, then there is no problem for me?" However, having celiac disease does not mean that gluten is not a problem at all for you. A much larger part of the population does not have celiac disease, but it does have a degree of gluten sensitivity. Complaints that arise from this are mainly diarrhea, abdominal cramps and a bloated feeling after eating gluten.

Do you want to know for sure? Then you will have to test this. Is this your too much hassle? Then simply switch to a safer alternative.

rice powder

The alternative to Brinta: Rice flour!

Fortunately, the time when breakfast cereals consisted solely of wheat is a thing of the past. Many people have already found their salvation in oatmeal, but this product also has many opponents because the structure is by no means reserved for everyone. Fortunately, there is more than oatmeal, because the alternative to Brinta is rice flour! Previously known only as baby food in the form of Bambix, but nowadays it can be obtained in many more ways, such as the Perfect Rice Powder.

Rice flour, unlike wheat, does not contain gluten and is also much finer in structure. Shakes that become a block of concrete after a few minutes are a thing of the past, with rice flour you can keep the shake nice and drinkable!

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