Strong home schedule with resistance bands
Home Schedule resistance bands

Strong home schedule with resistance bands

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Hopefully we will receive good news from our Prime Minister on Tuesday April 21 and he will open the gyms again from April 28. Until then, we should at least train at home and I think I will be a few weeks longer. The main home training goal is to maintain muscle mass and if you have been smart you have also opted for dry training for the past 1.5 months. Because then you can add some lost muscle mass in the gym for a few months and you will still be tight in the summer. One of the easiest and strongest ways to sufficiently stimulate your muscle mass is by training with resistance bands. Below you can read a number of important home training tips and find a strong home schedule. For more than 20 strong home training plans including instructional videos click here.

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Train with resistance bands and bodyweight exercises to muscle failure

Contrary to current scientific knowledge that it is best to stop a set of 1-3 repetitions for muscle failure, you read clearly in the title of this section that I recommend training with resistance bands and bodyweight exercises to muscle failure. Every set. Don't think I'm against now the science because I am fully behind the 1-3 reps stop for muscle failure for the best muscle growth result. As you can read in this muscle growth book. However, training to muscle failure with less heavy weights is much more difficult than you think.

Example with push ups

An example based on push ups. I'm guessing you can definitely make a push up or 25 if you need to do this now. In fact, do as many push ups as you can now. You will find that at some point you start to feel pain in your chest. Your brain will say you're almost there. You're doing well. Yes, stop now. The moment you stop and pretend you can no longer, I'm sure there are still 2-3 reps left. 100%! In 99 out of 100 people, the brain gives up earlier than the muscles.

Basically, if you start in a lighter resistance home schedule with the thought that you are stopping 2 reps for muscle failure, in practice these are as quick as 5 or more for failure. That means you do a set in the sense of muscle-stimulating repetitions for free. You literally might as well not train. If you want to maintain your muscle mass, make sure you have enough stimuli.

Home bands training

Exception and the great thing about resistance bands

Training to muscle failure applies to resistances with which you can quickly make 15 reps or more. With resistance bands you can make some exercises just as heavy as in the gym. You can quickly make a one arm overhead triceps extension so heavy that you can only do 8-10 reps. These sets are allowed to stop 1-3 reps for muscle failure. To be on the safe side, I would still choose 0-1 rep in reserve.

Maintaining muscle mass is much easier than building muscle mass

Don't think you will lose a lot of muscle if you only do 2-3 workouts at home every week. In the gym you will undoubtedly train with heavier weights and you have more options. However, with only 1/3 to 1 / 9th of the volume you need for muscle building, you can maintain your built-up muscle mass (1). If you dare to train every set to muscle failure 2-3 times a week, you will be fine, provided your diet is in order, of course. In short, you train at home for a reason. When the gym opens again, I put on a complete blueprint how to get into top shape as quickly as possible. In fact, I will also tell you the biggest pitfall that you will probably fall into ... First train at home, for example with the following schedule:

Home bands training

2-day home schedule with resistance bands

As you have read, 1/3 to 1 / 9th of your 'gym volume' is enough to maintain your muscle mass. You can achieve this quickly with a 2 or 3-day full body at home schedule. Below you will find an example for 2 days. The days consist of 4 supersets of 2 exercises. You always do 3 sets per exercise of the superset, before moving on to the next superset. The rest interval indicates exactly how long you can wait between exercises. You often see the number 'MAX' in exercises. You are supposed to train to muscle failure, as discussed. If there is a 'number', try to set the resistance so that you cannot exceed the number of repetitions given. With a resistance band, this is a matter of slightly more elastic under your foot (s), grabbing it narrower or choosing a thicker elastic.

Day 1 - full body

PracticeSetsRepetitions Rust
resistance band squat3MAX15s
spider push ups3MAX60s
resistance band hip thrust3MAX15s
resistance band row315 per arm60s
resistance band front raise31515s
resistance band bicep curl31560s
triceps plank push up3MAX15s

Day 2 - full body

PracticeSetsRepetitions Rust
Skater squat3MAX per leg15s
resistance band push ups3MAX60s
resistance band row315 per arm15s
resistance band side raise31560s
sissy squat3MAX15s
resistance band kick backs315 per arm60s
resistance band hammer curl315 per arm15s
put raise32060s

Add extra show muscles to your home schedule?

The chest is the optimus prime for most men and the legs / buttocks for women. If you want to add extra breast as a man, do 15 push ups (or more) after each superset. As a woman you do 15 bodyweight squats or more after each superset. This way you do a total of 180 extra reps for your favorite muscle group. The last x number of sets are very likely to muscle failure (or do all of them to muscle failure). Then you can be sure that your show muscle does not lose anything!


  1. Bickel, CS, Cross, JM, & Bamman, MM (2011). Exercise dosing to retain resistance training adaptations in young and older adults. Med Sci Sports Exerc, 43(7), 1177-1187

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