Running Tips And Tricks For The Beginning Runner

Running Tips And Tricks For The Beginning Runner

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Have you been considering doing something for your fitness for some time, but you don't really want to be bound by a subscription from the gym or fixed training times at a sports club? Perhaps running is the ideal sport for you. You can decide for yourself when you go and for how long you will run. In addition, you are not tied to expensive subscriptions to the gym or the sports club. But how do you actually start running? What should you pay attention to and what are the pitfalls? We give you 21 running tips so you know what you're getting into!

21 running tips for the starting runner

Man running fast

To help you get started with your first steps as a runner, we have collected no fewer than 21 running tips and tricks that can come in handy before, during and after running. Take advantage of these tips and we are sure that you will get off the ground like a pro.

Tip 1: Set realistic goals

When you go running, it sometimes helps to set goals for yourself, so that you work towards something during your workouts. These goals are a great motivation for many athletes to persevere if they have an off-day for example. Of course you do this on the condition that it is a realistic and achievable goal. Goals along the lines of “After 2 weeks of training, I will run 5 km in 30 minutes” are not realistic and will only lead to a deception if you fail to reach them. Goals such as “After 10 weeks of training I will run 5 km in 30 minutes”, for example, are achievable.

Tip 2: Don't run too fast

If you start running after you have barely exercised for a long period of time, your muscles and body will have to get used to this new load. It is therefore important that you do not start too enthusiastically. You can of course start enthusiastically! Build the intensity and duration of your workouts slowly so that your body has time to get used to the new efforts. In addition, go running several times a week so that your body gets used to the effort.

Tip 3: Shoes make the runner

Good running shoes

Although running generally does not cost much, it is extremely important to invest in good running shoes. With good running shoes, a good walking posture and good technique, the chance of injuries is a lot smaller.

When buying running shoes It is important that they fit well on your foot and are not too small.

Tip 4: Go really

We understand that you do not always feel like running, but you should still do this. “Postponement comes with cancellation,” they used to say to us, and the chance that you will eventually not go at all once you start skipping training is really very high. That is not only a waste of the investment you have made by buying the right running shoes, but it is also a waste for your fitness. So just put on your shoes and go! If you're really struggling to motivate yourself to go, read our article with motivation tips once in a while.

Tip 5: Plan your training

Do you notice that you still have a hard time actually going and something often comes up that makes you skip the training?

Then write your training sessions in your agenda. In this way you do not forget them and the chance that other things come in between is smaller. After all, your agenda does not allow it, because you have planned a running session.

Tip 6: Cheers!

Running lady drinking water

You must have heard this before and we will repeat it again: drink enough water. A large part of our body consists of water and water supports all kinds of normal physical (and cognitive) functions. If you want to achieve good performance while running, it's important to to drink enough water before you train.

Uit English research In addition, it appears that test subjects who drink water while running experience their training as more pleasant and rated their energy level higher than those who had not drunk anything during the training.

Tip 7: Warm up

Once you are outside, it is important to warm up your muscles briefly before you start the real work. Warm up your muscles slowly so that they do not suddenly have to work hard when they are at rest. For example, you can do this by walking a bit or running up and down the stairs a few times and then doing some stretching exercises.

Tip 8: The man with the hammer


Do you follow an interval training schedule? Then there is a good chance that you will only have to run for one or two minutes before you can walk quietly again. Now you may think that you can do that easily, so you get off to a good start. You might still walk that one minute, but halfway through the training you will meet the man with the hammer. Determine yourself to always start quietly, so that you can finish the training completely and possibly start a final sprint in the very last minute.

Tip 9: Listen!

When you are exercising it is important to listen to your body. If your body indicates that you are going too fast, take a step back and lower your pace. The same applies to injuries. Do not walk through the pain of any injuries. Your body does not send a signal for nothing. Have the injury repaired and then slowly start walking again.

Tip 10: Hide the key

One of the downsides to running is that you'll have to take everything with you all the way. You don't have a sports bag or locker where you can store things like your keys. If you don't have pockets, this is even more annoying. Fortunately, we have a solution for this in this list of running tips. For example, you can put the house key in a special sports bracelet, but you can also hide it in your sock or attach it to your shoelaces.

Tip 11: Find a mate

Running together with music

Together everything is more fun. Running too! You can motivate each other if one of them goes through and you can even have entire conversations while running. Time will fly by! Make sure you look for someone who runs at the same pace as you. If you have to go beyond your own limits or are constantly below them, you will get irritated and want to run your running shoes sooner.

Tip 12: Music makes everything better

Do you prefer to walk alone?

That is no problem either. While running you can listen to music to change your mind. Compile a playlist with all your favorite songs or choose songs that have a nice tempo so that you can easily run on them.

Caution! The disadvantage of music is that you quickly dive into your own world. Keep an eye on the traffic and don't just cross over!

Tip 13: Convex paths

Did you know that paths and roads are often not completely straight, but are always slightly rounded?

This is to ensure that abundant rainwater can easily drain on both sides. Unfortunately, this also means that you can get injured if you always walk on the same side of the road. One leg will then be loaded more than the other. To prevent this and to put an equal amount of weight on both legs, it is important to walk on both the left and the right side of the path.

Tip 14: A look out the window

Running in rainy weather

You probably cannot put on your running shoes at any time and start running for a while. You have a busy job or study, a family you want to visit regularly and perhaps even a family that you also want to spend a lot of time with. You fill the free hours that you still have with your running training, among other things.

Because you never know at what time of the day this will be and what weather conditions apply, we have listed a number of tips.

  • On hot days, avoid the hottest hours of the day. On these days, go mainly in the morning or in the evening.
  • Can't you avoid running in the full sun? Then put on a cap and protect your neck. Apply well in addition.
  • When it rains you can just go for a run. In principle, you do not have to put on extra warm clothes, because you will quickly get warm by running. You can also move the training indoors, for example by training on a treadmill.
  • Even in cold weather in the fall and winter you can just run. Extra warm clothing is also not really necessary, unless the temperature really drops. In that case it is best to put on a hat. You lose most body heat through your head.

Tip 15: Changing food makes you eat

Running can become boring quickly, especially if you always walk the same route. You will know this after some time. To keep it nice it can sometimes help to change surroundings. Walk through the neighborhood one time and through the woods or park another time. You can also choose to drive a bit first and only start walking there.

Tip 16: Cool down

Yes! The training is over. You made it again. You might want to take a nice shower as soon as possible, but it is better to take some time to let your muscles cool down slowly. With a cool-down you try to make the transition from exercise to rest as gradual as possible.

Tip 17: Dear diary ...


Hold on to your pen, because it is time to take your diary out of the dust layer and to briefly write down after each training here how it went, how you felt, what distance you have traveled and in what time you did that. This way you can keep track of your progress. A quick browse through your diary will sometimes help if you have lost your motivation.

Tip 18: Sick is sick

Every now and then everyone sometimes suffers from a mild cold or a flu. Often this is no reason to skip your running training. However, if you are really in the rag basket with a strong flu, then it is not necessary to drag you out of bed for your training. Stay comfortably and let your body recover. When you have recovered, you simply resume training.

Tip 19: Enjoy your meal

In addition to regular training, what you put in your mouth is also very important. We have already said that you have to drink a lot of water, but you may also have to make some adjustments with regard to nutrition. For example, take one well before you start running carbohydrate-rich snack or add more carbohydrates in your diet plan.

Tip 20: Exaggeration is also an art

You may have a tendency to train every day so that you will achieve faster results. Do not! The chance that this will have the opposite effect is great, because you will not give your muscles the opportunity to recover.

You would do well to rest the day after your workout, so that you can go for it in the next workout! Consider the rest as part of your training.

Tip 21: Gift for yourself

Gift for yourself

Do you remember that our first running tip was to set realistic goals so that you can train somewhere?

In addition to that tip, we would like to conclude with the tip to reward yourself if you have achieved your goal. For example, agree that you can buy a nice new dress or cool sneakers when you reach your goal.

Then set a new goal and link it to a nice reward for yourself. Certainly know that you are fully motivated to put on your running shoes and start running!


Hopefully we have not put you off with the amount of running tips. Starting your run is really not that difficult, even if this article might suggest it. By simply going, you will automatically notice what works well for you and what you feel comfortable with. You learn by doing and that certainly applies to running. In addition, you may already subconsciously apply many of these running tips when you start running.

Hopefully you will enjoy running as much as we do and you will fly over the asphalt after a few weeks.

Do you have any running tips that you want to share with other beginners?

Let us know in a comment!

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