These 12 Resistance Band Exercises for Your Upper Body Prove That The Resistance Band Is Not For Dods

These 12 Resistance Band Exercises for Your Upper Body Prove That The Resistance Band Is Not For Dods

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A resistance band does not have an equally good reputation with everyone. That's a shame, because they are extremely suitable for training. You can use them for almost any muscle group, so you can perform a full-body workout with it if you are not in the vicinity of a gym. Every fanatic athlete should immediately put the resistance band in his suitcase, so that you can always train wherever you go. There are so many resistance band exercises for your upper body and lower body.

Why train with a resistance band?


Like we said you can do the resistance band excellent use for training. The advantage of this is that they offer resistance throughout the exercise, so that your muscles are constantly working. Resistance bands are the solution if you want to build your muscles, lose weight or both.

In order to be able to perform a full-body workout with a resistance band, you naturally have to put several exercises behind each other to train all muscle groups, but which exercises are well suited to perform with a resistance band and which muscle group you train with different exercises? In this article we will elaborate on the exercises for your upper body. You can find the resistance band exercises for your lower body here.

Resistance band exercises for your upper body

With the 12 resistance band exercises that we will now explain to you, you can train different muscle groups in your upper body. Of course you can also perform the exercises separately if, for example, you want to train a specific muscle group. Good luck!


train your shoulders with resistance band

Maybe you always carry out your shoulder exercises with weights, but out research it appears that you might as well do this with a resistance band. Your muscles are put to work just as hard in both cases. We explain two resistance band exercises for your shoulders.

1. Shoulder press

To perform the shoulder press, stand with your feet hip-width on the resistance band. Make sure that you are standing upright and that your knees are not locked. Next, grasp the handles or ends of the resistance band and bend your arms. Your elbows point outwards and you keep your hands at shoulder height with your palms forward. You are so in the starting position. Stretch your arms above your head while holding the resistance band and then lower them gently until you are back in the starting position. Repeat this until you find the correct number rep have reached.

2. Pull separately

The name probably already suggests the purpose of this exercise, but we will explain it again.

Stand up straight and stretch your arms shoulder width in front of your chest while holding a resistance band. You can hold it both single and double. Then you move your arms apart so that you pull the resistance band apart. Now gently move your arms towards each other again and repeat the exercise as often until you have reached the desired number of reps.


train back with resistance band

A strong back is important for a good walking posture, among other things. That is why we definitely recommend that you regularly include these two resistance band exercises for your back in your training schedule.

3. Rowing

To row with the resistance band you sit on the floor with your legs straight. You pull the resistance band under your feet so that there is tension on it, and hold the handles or ends in your hands, with your palms facing each other. You then pull the handles towards you by pulling in your arms and stretching your back. Stretch your arms and move your upper body a little forward so that you can repeat the exercise.

4. Assisted pull-up

The pull-up is not the easiest exercise, but with the help of a resistance band it has to work.

To perform the assisted pull-up, attach the resistance band to the bar. You can do this by hanging it over the rod, passing one end through the other end and tightening the strap properly. Next, pull the resistance band down so that you can hang it around your bent leg at the height of your tibia. Now grab the bar and place the leg that is still on the floor over the calf of your other leg. The resistance band will stay in place during the exercise. Now pull yourself up like a normal pull-up.

Are you ready?

Very well! Now put the leg that is not in the resistance band back on the floor and release the bar. Then first pull the resistance band down before you put your other foot on the floor. This prevents the resistance band from rising uncontrollably. Very safe!


Chest muscles

Of course you want beautiful chest muscles that you can show off in the summer. We will now tell you how you can train this!

5. Push up

Without a doubt you know what a push-up is. You probably do the push-up regularly if you want to train your chest muscles, but did you know that you can also do it with a resistance band?

In principle you have to take the same position for this as with a normal push-up. The only addition is of course the resistance band. This runs through your back from one hand to the other. You place your hands on both ends, so that it stays in place when you move. Now you actually do the same as with a normal push-up. Your hands are shoulder width on the floor and you rest on your toes. Lower yourself slowly until your body almost touches the floor. Then you come up again by stretching your arms. Make sure you keep your body as straight as possible and only stretch your arms. Repeat this until you have reached the desired number of reps.

Did you know that you build up just as much power with push-ups with the resistance band as you do with bench presses? Spanish one research has confirmed this. Even without devices you can grow muscles.

You can also perform the push-up with resistance band with push-up stands.

6. Bench press

You probably always do bench presses with a barbell or with dumbbells, but did you know that it is also possible with a resistance band?

Place the leg at the head of the sofa on the resistance band so that you can pull it if you lie with your back on it. Then lie down on the bench as with a normal bench press, and hold the ends of the resistance band in both hands. The exercise is then the same as with a normal bench pressure.


training biceps with resistance band

We have already explained to you which exercises you can perform for you biceps to train, but the following two resistance band exercises can also be used to train the biceps.

7. Bicep curl

To perform this exercise, you must first attach the resistance band at hip height to a solid object, such as a heating pipe. Then you stand so far away from the object, with your back to it, that the resistance band is tight when you grasp it with your arms stretched behind your back. You place your feet in front of you, with your front foot in front of your body and your rear foot behind your body.

This is the starting position. Bend your arms now so that your forearms come forward. Make sure that you keep your elbows behind your body and do not take it with you. Now move your arms back again until you are in the starting position and repeat this a number of times.

Tip: If you place your feet next to each other instead of in front of each other, you train your chest muscles more intensively.

Hammer curl

For the next exercise you will once again be on hip-width on the resistance band. Grasp the resistance band with your arms outstretched, palms facing forward. Then move your hands to your shoulders by bending your arms. Your biceps will have to work now because they have to resist the resistance band's resistance. Then extend your arms again and repeat the exercise.


train triceps with resistance band

In addition to the biceps are the triceps important muscles in your upper arms. You can train your triceps with the following two resistance band exercises.

9. Overhead triceps press

Before performing this exercise you must attach the resistance band to a solid object, just like with the bicep curl. Then you walk away from the object until the resistance band is tight and you place your feet firmly on the ground. You are now standing with your back to the object. Make sure that you place one foot in front of the other. You bend your arms above your head so that you have the strap behind your head. You then stretch your arms while holding the resistance band. The stretching movement ensures that you train your triceps.

10. Triceps press

Do you not have heating pipes or other sturdy objects at hand, but do you want to train your triceps with resistance band?

Don't worry, because for this exercise you don't need anything besides a resistance band and your own body. Stand in the resistance band with one leg and step forward with your other leg. In this exercise, the resistance band runs along your back, from your foot to your hands. You grab the handles behind your head and your elbows point upwards. Make sure the strap does not touch your shoulders, back and head.

You then train your triceps by stretching your arms above your head and bending them again until the desired number of reps is achieved.

Abdominal muscles

woman with abdominal muscles

Beautiful abdominal muscles is a dream for many people. For this reason they are regularly trained. The following two exercises are also very suitable for training your abs.

11. Sit-ups

You can also do sit-ups with the resistance band. You can do this on a fitness bench with footrest, where you can lower one of the sides, but you can also walk without equipment. We will further explain this last way.

To do the sit-up, lie down on the floor with your knees bent for a solid object. You have to put the resistance band around it. The resistance band comes right through your bent knees. Then grab one of the ends in both hands and come up. Move your upper body towards your knees. Then lower yourself again to repeat the exercise.

12. Kneeling crunch

To perform this exercise, you must wrap the resistance band around a high point. Then sit on your knees and grasp both ends of the resistance band. Hereby the intention is that your arms are bent and your hands are at shoulder height. Now bend over so that your upper body is at hip height. Hereby you pull in your abs. You keep your arms and hands tight against your chest. Then you stand up again. You can now repeat this exercise several times, until you have reached the desired number of reps.

As you can see, there are enough resistance band exercises that you can use if you want to train your upper body. Even if you have no weights or no gym at your disposal, you will go a long way and you can always get started with the resistance band.

A resistance band is not only useful when training your upper body, but also for your buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves there are various exercises that you can perform with a resistance band.

Do you also want to know with which resistance band exercises you can train your lower body? Then read quickly this article in which we explain 8 resistance band exercises for four muscle groups in your lower body.

What is your favorite exercise to train your upper body with a resistance band?

Let us know in a comment!

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