Recipe: Protein Cheesecake with Strawberries (Video)

Recipe: Protein Cheesecake with Strawberries (Video)

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To make this protein cheesecake you crumble the cookies first. Then add the perfect oats to the biscuits and mix equally well using a spoon. Melt the butter in the microwave and add to the cookie mix. Mix the butter with a spoon by the majority of cookie mix, so that all the crumbs are “wet”. Then divide the mixture over the bottom of the glass and push it as well.

A delicious cheese cake is always nice, especially if it contains even more protein.

Ingredients (2 glasses):

  • 60 g of butter;
  • 15 grams Perfect Oats ;
  • 250 grams or fat cottage cheese;
  • 200 milliliters or boiling water;
  • 6 digestive biscuits;
  • 40 grams Whey Delicious Vanilla ;
  • 2.5 gelatin sheets;
  • Strawberries (other fruits can also!)

If you don't have glasses, you can also use a tin!

The bottom of the protein cheese cake is ready; time to prepare the rest of the pie. This is done by the curds and whey Delicious Vanilla Forum into a mixing bowl and mix one piece with a hand mixer.

Let the gelatin then about 5 minutes in a bowl of cold water and boiler Meanwhile, 200 ml of water in the kettle. When the five minutes are up you grab the gelatin from the water and squeeze this good. Then you put them into the boiling water and stir it well so the gelatin dissolves.

Is the gelatin completely resolved? Spoon 2 tablespoons of the curd mix this well in the warm water and stir. In this way, the water cools a bit and you avoid going wrong in the further process. Now pour the hot water with the rest of the cottage cheese mix and join it again carefully hand mixer. Then cut the stems from the strawberries, half them and put them to the edge of the glass. Shake the quark mixture over it and put the cheesecake about one night in the fridge to set. Just before you want to eat the cake, you can still finish it with some pieces of strawberry.

Nutritional information (per glass): 629.9 kcal / 44.58 grams or carbs / fat 36.28 g / 31.05 g protein

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