VIDEO: Recipe For A Delicious Protein Frappuccino

VIDEO: Recipe For A Delicious Protein Frappuccino

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Many people start their day with coffee, but you probably do that with a protein shake.

However, have you ever thought about combining these two? We have a recipe for a delicious frappuccino with protein powder!

Ingredients (2 glasses):

You naturally need coffee to make this frappuccino. So the first step is also to set it and then let it cool.

When the coffee has become cold, do the coffee, the Whey Delicious Cappuccino, the ice cubes and the milk together in the blender and turn it on so that everything is mixed together.

Then fill a large glass for about 3/4 with the frappuccino.

For the finish you spray a good tuft of whipped cream light and what Light Caramel syrup about the coffee. This is enjoying!

Tip: Do you not have much time in the morning to cool your coffee? Then make the coffee the night before and let it cool in the fridge overnight. This way you can use the coffee as soon as you are awake.

Nutritional values (per glass): 109,2 kcal / 7,9 grams of carbohydrates / 3,1 grams of fat / 11,9 grams of protein

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Are you going to prepare the recipe? Let us know via a comment below:

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