The 10 most common mistakes when losing weight!

The 10 most common mistakes when losing weight!

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In recent months we have focused on training topics, with an article on injuries as the provisional conclusion. To keep the variation in and because losing weight in these months always seems to be the preferred choice for bulking, it seemed good to focus on losing weight and dieting in the coming weeks. In this first article I want to talk about the 10 most common errors during cutting. I am not going to write a specific diet (since there is no ultimate diet that is conclusive for everyone), but after reading this article you will be able to better align your diet with your goals. Give something to a man or teach him how to fish.

Make a plan and stay with it!

The most important thing with both training and dieting is being consistent; you may have the very best training schedule or the very best diet, but if you do not stick to it and skip 4 training sessions every week, or deviate from your diet plan every weekend, it will not bring you any good. A half-good plan that you can sustain in the long term will most likely bring more than epic schemes created by the world's best trainers such as Hany Rambod or Charles Glass.

In addition, in this article I assume that you already consider the standard things (and have already read the previous articles); Not a hefty drink every week, a calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight, not just 3 hours of sleep per night, not taking too many liquid calories and not seeking salvation in all sorts of slimming products and pills, legal or illegal, while the basis is bad. In addition, these errors are not listed in order of importance; point 1 is not necessarily more important than point 8.

The 10 most common mistakes when losing weight!

# 1. Too little fat

Although I am certainly not in favor of the complete removal of carbohydrates (customers of mine who are cutting I want to have as high as possible on carbohydrates for probably known reasons), too low a fat intake is definitely not recommended. Fats are needed for countless processes in the body, from both a health and strength training perspective. It is not for nothing that there is a category of fats called 'Essential fatty acids'. Scientific research assigns more and more properties to the intake of good fats, so this is certainly not something you should cut back on.

An intake of sufficient fat is therefore not the only thing that is important; the source of your fats just like that. Normally (with some exceptions) 0.8 to 1 gram of fat per kilogram of body weight would be a good goal, with an emphasis on unsaturated fats.

# 2. Too little protein

Protein is an important macronutrient and especially during weight loss; protein takes the most energy from the macronutrients to absorb and burn and contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass during weight loss. In addition, protein seems to saturate well, in contrast to carbohydrates and fats. 1.5 to 2 grams per kilogram body weight is roughly a good goal; the lower you are in terms of fat percentage, the more towards the high end of this you should aim.

# 3. That one cheatmeal once every 2 weeks

You've been on a tight diet for fourteen days so it's time to reward yourself with a cheat day, right? What can ruin 1 day every 2 weeks?

Well .. a lot.

Time and again I see people passing by who on 'that one day that doesn't matter' make up for their entire energy shortage; Pouf .. progression of 2 weeks.

If you have a deficit of 400 kcal per day, and you keep it up for 13 days, a good evening can drink beer or wines with a cheese board and, as a conclusion, a pizza or a snack bar visit can easily undo all that pain and effort. Whether that one time unlimited sushi with friends as a reward for your hard work should be able to ..

However……? Hopefully the message is clear, don't act!


# 4. A little stress is good, certainly not too much

About stress I have kept a good story several times; acute stress is not bad and sometimes even good, but chronic stress is bad for all sorts of reasons and will certainly not help you achieve your goals. If you want to know more about this, please refer to the previous articles!

Dealing well with stress is often underestimated. Ensure a healthy living environment for your body, both physically and mentally. A healthy mind in a healthy body will give up its fat reserves more easily than a stressed and burned-up body. Sleep also plays a huge role in this! (For those who are interested, keep an eye on my Instagram because I will soon have a Q&A about sleep and stress!)

# 5. Healthy intestines

An unhealthy digestive tract will result in all kinds of negative health effects; a bloated stomach, listlessness, less motivation, poorer self-image ... many girls in particular will probably recognize themselves around their period.

Everyone knows that healthy food is good, but this starts with the intestines; eat healthy, eat varied. If you notice that you react poorly to certain foods, eliminate them and look for alternatives. It is advisable to always ensure that you eat enough fiber and many people also benefit when they regularly eat fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir or sauerkraut.

# 6. Digestion

This is an extension of the previous point; many people suffer from heartburn that comes up; the use of gastric acid inhibitors sometimes seems to be a good solution, but will also significantly reduce the breakdown of food; heartburn is very important for the digestion of certain foods and therefore also for absorption. I am in favor of it myself digestive enzymes to supplement, especially if you have a high protein intake.


# 7. Choose your knowledge sources carefully

We are constantly exposed to (often well-intentioned) advice from everyone around us or through the media. Documentaries on Netflix, that dietician on RTL4 who tells you that sweeteners stop burning fat, the hairdresser on the corner who says you should take water with lemon juice in the morning for burning fat, the gym worker who says you can even lose weight on keto diet if you are in there is a calorie surplus, .. or…. Articles on Facebookkkkkkkkk….

During cutting, many people are often unsure about their progress, about their physical, about their approach, with the result that they blow like a leaf in the wind with everything they hear. This brings us back to what I said at the beginning: make a plan and stick with it. Or look for a coach that you know he or she knows and trust that no matter what others say to you. In addition, the media often misses the mark with their interpretation of scientific research; For example, recently there was an article about cold showers to activate brown fat online. Or the Netflix documentaries on sweeteners or sugar.

# 8. Weight training

This seems logical to me, but I still call it: Not only bodybuilders or fitness chicks should do strength training, but everyone, including office workers, the elderly, endurance athletes ... Strength training has enormous health benefits: it ensures better retention of muscle mass during weight loss, lowers the sensitivity to injuries in accidents such as falls, it provides better insulin sensitivity, improved posture, perhaps improved bone density ...

Even when only losing weight is your goal, strength training can certainly offer added value.

# 9. Wrong measurement methods

Body weight is not only influenced by the amount of fat that you carry. There are an enormous number of factors that can influence your body weight and therefore also the idea of ​​whether or not you are making progress. Intestinal contents, bladder contents, fluid intake, stress and glycogen are just a few factors that can make you angry on the scales. In addition, I can strongly advise against this use of bio impedance. You know, those scales with a stream supposedly you fat percentage measure. These are very very very inaccurate.

Calculating your fat percentage is not necessary anyway; Check your weight, but also keep an eye out for clothes loosening. Or better yet, measure outlines with a measuring tape. If you really want to work accurately, you can also log pleat thicknesses with a skin pleat meter.

And ladies, the weight in women is strongly influenced by the menstrual cycle; for that reason it is better to compare week 1 month 1 with week 1 month 2, instead of monitoring weight progress from week to week.


# 10. Use calorie trackers

Very nice and hip that you have a Fitbit or that you keep track of how many calories you have burned with your workout or your steps count on your mobile, but be aware that this can also work against you.

According to a number of studies, pedometers and heart rate monitors generally do not accurately display the amount of calories you burn per day. You can use them to make relative comparisons from day to day (and even then you have to be careful), but the absolute numbers that appear on your screen are of little value and certainly NO valid reason for 'ohhhhh I can add 400 kcal extra today think 'cause I have burned more.

Time for improvement!

Perhaps many of these tips are familiar to you or you even follow them. Or maybe not at all. There are probably a lot of other tips I could have given you, but from experience with guiding clients these are the points that I come across the most.

However, nutrition and training is customized, you realize that. Everyone can lose weight and everyone falls for an energy shortage, there are no exceptions to this rule.

Are you still unable to lose weight and not yet read these tips? Feel free to send me a message on facebook or instagram; there I can elaborate on individual questions and problems. Maybe I will deal with your questions in one of the upcoming Q & As.


Jan Willem van der Klis

Instagram: @Jay_Whey

This blog is written by

Jan Willem van der Klis

"My focus is on obtaining and disseminating the best possible knowledge to optimize training and nutrition"

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