Lose weight without counting

Lose weight without counting

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We are already at the end of the new year, the days are getting longer, we are waking up from our hibernation, and we have been busy with our good intentions. I also hope to be kept for three weeks, and many more to come! Topics that we see a lot on the list of good intentions have to do with our figure; Certainly, round is also a form, but there are forms that are more desirable and so we are willing to work year after year on a body whose form is dictated by the lack of body fat than by its excess. There is of course something to say about the pursuit of unhealthy low fat percentages, but that is not what I want to focus on this article. I would like to shine a little more light in the darkness where hunger prevails. Today I'm going to talk about losing weight without counting.

Almost everyone can lose a few pounds or maintain a diet for quite a few weeks. But when does it go wrong at a given moment? For few people, that will be because of homesickness for their 'cozy' appearance, or because they want to 'enjoy the journey a little longer and it is not about the destination'. The problem is rather with too much food. Or put differently: hunger. Hunger (and with that overeating, perhaps eating kicks) are certainly among the larger stumbling blocks during the journey to our 'fit shape' destination.

The problem: Hunger

Now hunger is a particularly complex topic and I certainly don't want to burn my fingers at writing a complete summary about this phenomenon. Also I am not going to claim that I have completely cracked the code of hunger (if I did, I would have typed this article on a gold keyboard with diamonds inlaid. Not because it types finer, but because I am no longer craziness. would know what else I had to do with the proceeds of this knowledge).

What I do want to do with this article is to give you more insight into where hunger (perhaps) comes from and what you can do to gain more control over your life and the achievement of your goals.

Finally, this is not an article for the die-hard fit girlfit readers; I will soon be waiting for you again (again, suggestions are welcome, for example via my Instagram), but I thought it would be nice to write an article once, from which perhaps a larger audience can learn a lesson.

The energy balance out the door?

“HOOO HOOO JW, don't think so friend! All those other articles then ?? "

Let me finish for a moment, it might become clearer that way. Because yes, the calorie in calorie from story is of course. If you are in a positive energy balance, you will arrive. If you are in a negative energy balance, you will lose weight. Point.

However, this may not apply in the long term. We are not robots. Yes, if you have a long-term energy shortage persists, you will keep losing weight over that entire period. But that is precisely where it is; you have this shortage persist. And for that it might be good to look further than just the energy balance.

Food choices

I have said that you can lose weight on frikadellen with whipped cream and beer. Whether you put that whipped cream on your frikadellen or in your beer, you have to know yourself, but you will lose weight if you are in an energy shortage.

However, I can tell you on a beer mat that a normal diet with vegetables, meat, potatoes and the occasional delicacies can be sustained a lot better, without being hungry.

You can certainly lose weight if you choose energy-tight products that are low in filling and low in nutrients, but when they are the main supplier of all your grief and pain when you look in the mirror, you make it very difficult for yourself and sooner or later result in eating bites, a lot of hunger (oh no, hunger, we're not hungry here, right?), little energy throughout the day, and perhaps even a loss of muscle mass, and, if you do your best during those bites on one Saturday every two weeks, to an increase in body fat. So you constantly feel bad, and you also arrive. Double loss!

The reverse also applies; do you make the more sensible choices, then you are probably fuller after meals, you feel healthier and your energy intake is stable (er).

Healthy food

Glass half full or half empty

When someone decides to lose weight, they almost always focus on everything that is no longer allowed; no more frikadellen with whipped cream, no more pizza every day when you watch your favorite series, no more 4 beers in your lunch break at work.

When your holiday allowance is in and you have a few weeks off, you first have to spend money and time on a week cycling holiday on the heath, bivouacing in a mobile home (if that's your thing, sorry I take your ideal vacation as an example) , and then to complain about not having enough time and money for that relaxing vacation in Greece on the beach?

If you walk in at a birthday party, you first spend 3 hours talking to that one chick that you don't like at all (and she didn't like you either, that was mutual from the beginning) and then complaining afterwards talking about the grim atmosphere and not having nice people? (again, if that's your thing ..)

Why is this with a diet or our approach? Stop being busy with what is no longer allowed. And stop planning the things you need with great difficulty around all the stuff in your diet.

Build your diet from the other side; which vegetables do you like? What kind of meat do you like to eat? Which types of fruit have you not eaten for a long time but do you like to eat?

Start your chill holiday in Greece. By speaking to the people you like on that birthday. With the foods that you know are good for you and that you like. If you then spend some time on that grumpy chick that you know is bad for you (but she's nice) you have to know for yourself. If you then take a piece of pizza in your free space, you must know for yourself after you have been provided with your needs. Just allowed. But don't make it your priority.

Stop focusing on calories

“WOW WOW WOOOW JW. Now you are going very, very far. ”

Again, let me finish for a moment. Awareness of calories is good; Keeping track of your food for a while in an app and reading labels can be a huge eye-opener when it comes to creating awareness about the energy density of food. Because yes, as we discussed, to lose weight you have to be in an energy shortage. It is therefore useful to be somewhat aware of which products contain a lot of energy and which ones contain less.

But unless you want a really low fat percentage, counting and weighing every single calorie is not really necessary.

In the beginning this can be useful to gain insight, or if you want to make progress as quickly as possible. But at some point you know that a handful of nuts is about 30 grams, that a normal piece of meat is about 150 grams, that a good plate of vegetables contains a lot less calories than 3 whole-grain spelled crackers humus, olive oil (because that's so healthy) and natural peanut butter without added sugar . When you reach that point, and you build meals according to the approach described above, you will be able to lose weight amazingly well even without counting calories. Your body is in fact quite good at managing your energy intake and expenditure when you choose good nutrition! (note that from a certain point this approach of course no longer works and you will still have to switch to a more controlled way of feeding).

Healthy food

What to do when hungry?

As already mentioned, hunger or hunger can mess up your progression considerably. And, as said, this goes further than just the calorie story. No one, not even the best bodybuilders and women with the most willpower, can ignore this feeling in the long run. Not you and me either. Of course, you can push it away for a day, a week, maybe even a month. But just as Pandora could not restrain himself, and at some point Adam and Eve became too curious, the sun will rise at some point on a day when you open your kitchen cupboard and let go of all the misery that was hidden in it. Not so much for all of humanity, but all the more for your own willpower, perseverance and tenacity.

Now I am the last person to claim that hunger is a weakness, but we can certainly exercise (some) control. Hunger is regulated to a lesser extent by calorie intake, but more by the volume of food that we eat. If you choose food that contains more volume, and eat until you have enough, you will definitely get fewer calories than if you eat 'Handsoffmychocolate' flavors until you have enough. (just ask any fit girl who is in the first few weeks after her first bikini contest).

An additional advantage is that food with a lot of volume (and therefore a lower calorie density) is almost always the healthier choice.

In other words: lose weight without counting

Shift your focus; are less concerned with what is not possible or not allowed, but view it from the other side; First fill your meals (and therefore your stomach) with nutrient-rich, healthier and less energy-tight foods. You will feel healthier, less hungry and occasionally enjoy a tasty dessert.

Take your time to eat and enjoy it. No hasty ready-made gang; if you have little time, a tasty apple is also fast food.

'You are what you eat' is of course not true, because I have never eaten a muscular late twenties who was still writing articles for another XXL Nutrition blog post at half past one in the morning, but when you only drink energy and ham cheese croissants If you inhale, you will probably look less healthy than someone who takes time to eat and go for nutritious products.

Do not replace good food with junk, but replace non-nutritious gang with good food. And yes, good food certainly fits a bag of chips, a piece of pizza, and a tasty dessert. But first eat what your body really needs.

Homework for the entire month of February (shortest month of the year so best):

  • Start your dinner first with a good portion of vegetables and a lean protein source (yes, also with meals in the restaurant)
  • Do you fancy a snack? Take fruit once instead of pre-packaged semi-crumbled cookies.
  • Are you going to eat out to celebrate my birthday (yes, it will be in February)? Then go to a good restaurant where you take the time to eat and talk instead of an all-you-can-eat food shed.

And let us know after that month, for example here under this article, whether you feel a difference with losing weight without counting!


Jan Willem van der Klis

Instagram: @Jay_Whey

This blog is written by

Jan Willem van der Klis

"My focus is on obtaining and disseminating the best possible knowledge to optimize training and nutrition"

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