Deal with stress

Deal with stress

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In the previous article we looked at what stress is and how bad stress can be for your progression. And although some people don't take me seriously because I look a bit simple out of my eyes (or was it another characteristic?) ~ Insider joke huehue, with these articles I really want to remind you that there is an extreme profit to be made. books falls, just outside the gym. Today I am trying to explain to you how to deal with stress.

A serious matter

In this article I will not elaborate on how stress is regulated in the body; in my eyes this is all very interesting but it will all become very organic. The only thing I want to tell you about this is that physiology is very complex; The body does not have a few on and off buttons, but extremely many complicated pathways that all respond to each other. Especially when it comes to the brain. So there is not 1 pill or remedy that you can take to solve problems such as stress or depression. That is why it is so important that you take yourself seriously. (And I mean that figuratively, not literally. Although that would be pretty clever).

And that you take your problems seriously. More serious than your legdays in any case.

So how do you handle stress?

But what do you do if your life consists of more than the occasional instagrams on a yoga mat in the gym, one day you can still make the effort to shake a protein sheekie, and also some Facebooking, the repetitions of 'so you think you can watch superstar on ice 'for the 4th time and get some benefits?

How should you handle it if you have a stressful life, but still want to make progress in the gym or want to sleep better or get more out of your life? I'm going to try to tell you that.

How it CANNOT must

There are a lot of lists on the internet with tips that would help against stress, such as: meditate, avoid negative people / situations, know your limits, don't be afraid to ask for help, etc.

These lists can certainly help and perhaps there are a few points that will help you. In this article, however, I want to delve deeper into the points that in my view are the most important, when you are dealing with (a lot of) stress in your life, which cannot be removed immediately (because it is part of your work for example) ).

Which probably in any case CANNOT helps (which I found out myself last month) lying on the couch doing nothing, or going on vacation. This does not change the environment you are in and which in the first instance was the cause of why you now have your hands in your hair from the stress.

What we want is to change how we deal with stress.

Jan Willem Chest fly

The 5 game changers

# 1 Sleep

The first point I can be very brief about as we have already devoted an article to this; sleep. Go. To sleep.

Take this seriously, MAKE time for this. Sleep is so extremely important, both for your physical and mental health. Did you miss why? Then read my articles about 'Why you should sleep' and 'Improve your sleep'.

Sleep has an effect on your blood pressure, alertness, mental acuity, immune system, hormone household, recovery, hunger regulation…. And you thought you could work your way out with a few cups of coffee and the occasional splash of cold water in your face?

Are you stressed or very emotional and do you sleep poorly? There is a good chance that when you improve your sleep quality, the rest of your problems will disappear like snow in the sun.

#2 Move

Another very good anti-stress agent that we probably already use to a large extent in one way or another (you can read this on the website of XXL Nutrition) is: you guessed it, whey hydrolys ... euh noee I mean moving!

Exercise is good for your brain, numerous studies have shown. (1,2,3)

I am not only talking about strength training here, that feared Spanish word 'cardio' can certainly help! And yes, even just walking is included. If you do this outside, you immediately get an extra benefit! According to research (4), being outside has a positive effect on your emotional state.

People who exercise regularly are better at making difficult decisions, work more effectively and make fewer mistakes.

deal with moving stress

 #3 Undertake

When you are deep down, depressed or even burned out, the last thing you have to do is sit at home with the lights off, close the curtains (those iron blinds from the sleep article, you remember) with the blankets over your head.

You may not be able to identify very well with the 'burn out' group, but check with yourself: When your relationship went out, or you unfortunately had to bury a person close to you, it helped those first days or even weeks that you said no to everything and the house barely came out? Or did you only start to feel better when you started doing things again?

Don't stay inside doing nothing, but challenge yourself! Go outside, say yes to things and possibilities, sign up for a forging course, go volunteer for a few hours on a guinea pig farm, it doesn't matter. As long as you expose yourself to incentives. (not those stimuli from a fork or knife from self-pity).

By the way, I am definitely not saying that you should go on with a burn out and take more hay on your fork than apparently was too much, let that be clear!

 #4 Be grateful

“Oh no hey JW, not this floaty stuff. So far it went, but I quit.

That is allowed. I cannot force you to see the light; everyone has the right to an opinion, even if it is wrong, huehue.

No, but without jokes .. According to some studies, a positive mindset can do a lot of good for you.

That is of course nice and vague, 'a positive mindset'. What is meant by this, at least according to these studies, is that you have to take a positive attitude towards others and your situation. Be grateful for what you have and don't get stuck in what goes wrong or goes wrong.

For example, it appeared from this article (5) that people who are grateful are generally happier. Being grateful for things in the past and recalling good memories, thinking about things in the here and now that are nice and not taking them 'for granted' and keeping a positive outlook on the future.

Do you feel your shit, depri and do you no longer see it as a result of the stress? Then according to studies (6,7) it can help enormously to keep a diary of the things that happen daily or weekly that make you happy.

The people from the research group who did this felt better about their lives after a ten-week study, were more optimistic and visited the doctor less than the groups that had received another assignment. So try not to focus (only) on the things that are going crazy, but also see the rays of sunlight through the clouds and focus on that.

No rainbow without a little rain!

 #5 Map

And the last point I want to cover here: make a plan. Now I am the last person to say this, since I really do ALL at the last minute (take the writing of this article as an example, it is now 02:30 AM and I have to get up early on #slapenkanalsjedoodbent #doasisaydontdoasido), but make it Planning can help you a lot in reducing stress.

I am not talking about making lists of lists, but breaking up large goals and projects into smaller pieces will definitely help you keep an overview and less often have to fight for deadlines.

Jan Willem relaxation

A few tips for this?

If you have a good goal, such as learning a new skill (see point 3), then it is good to make a plan for this; write down what you have to do each week to ensure that you will be ready in a few months. Do you want to get your bulldozer driver's license so that you can demolish the entire city out of stress and frustration (such as this dude has done), then 'in half a year the facade of the town hall will be out anyway' is not the best approach. What you can do better is to see per week how many lessons you want to do and how much theory you have to learn every day (after all, you have to recognize the signs, you will soon be driving a one-way road against traffic).

When it is possible for you and when you have a great need for structure, it can be of great help to divide your days into blocks; from .. to .. I work in the office. To .. to .. I am busy not training my legs. From .. to .. I read for an hour in my theory book, etc.

Unfortunately I will never be able to tell you from my own experience, but this method seems to help immensely in re-grasping the grip on your life. (8)

There is not one best approach

Of course this is just a selection of the things you can do to get your life back in order and reduce stress. As I mentioned above, problems with our body and especially with our brains are often extremely complex. This often makes the solution very complex.

After doing a lot of reading and studying, these were the points I found that science thinks can help you further.

If you don't have it, there is always that last resort: Cover your head, turn off the lights, close the curtains and lock yourself up in the house.

Jan Willem van der Klis

Instagram: @Jay_Whey


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Jan Willem van der Klis

"My focus is on obtaining and disseminating the best possible knowledge to optimize training and nutrition"

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