Stress, the forgotten link for you physically

Stress, the forgotten link for you physically

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Time for an article about another very important topic that can ensure that you can get more out of your life. We talked about it sleep en how important this is for good progression, both in the gym and for your mental health. We also know that nutrition and training are important; many people will know that these 3 (training, nutrition, and rest) are necessary for getting that body that you get the opposite sex (or the same, i don't judge) wild with. But there is one more important factor .. And I'm not talking about those magical 'djenetiks' that every bigger guy or chick has. What I want to talk to you about this time is stress.

What is stress?

Stress is tension that occurs in the body in response to outside stimuli and subsequent physiological responses ... ow you fall asleep? Too boring? Nouenikgatochdoor. A little background information never hurts.

Stress does not always have to be negative; a training incentive is also a stressor for the body, to which your body responds and becomes stronger as the circumstances are correct. A good joke, a wedding day or a good film can also all be seen as 'stress'. After all, an event takes place to which the body responds by releasing all kinds of hormones and substances.

We also refer to these types of events as above as acute stress; something happens such as a workout, a loud bang, or an infection. Your body responds to this, after which your body returns to 'normal'. This type of stress is also not bad; can even be positive. But long-term (chronic) stress that we cannot take away can be dangerous.

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Chronic stress?

The next deadline for a major project is in a month. So there was plenty of time to eat your nose, piss away for days watching YouTube videos, read articles on XXL Nutrition from me, and be happy with how beautiful life is.

Week away, 3 weeks to go. Oh well, nothing wrong, just keep on doing what you were doing.

Hmm .. 2 weeks to go, it's time to start worrying about the deadline. MMAAAARRR, don't do anything yet.

1 week to go. 'It will be a bit exciting. Maybe you should start thinking about a schedule. 5 days.

2 days left before you have to hand in your project or before your exam starts .. And you still have…. Nothing done. Nice job, the next day you eat yourself out of frustration and self-pity, and you lie down miserably in bed with knees raised. But above all not doing anything. Quickly, clean up your room, or clean your car. Then you feel good again and then that guilt disappears slightly. (That's how I always approach it anyway).

The situation described above is indeed a situation where you will experience stress for days in a row. If your entire study time or career path goes this way, you have a good chance of experiencing some form of chronic stress. Very nice.

Other examples include a burn out, constant annoying noise in the background, or for girls who are scary clowns that come out at night as soon as you turn off your light.

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How bad is stress?

Stress is bad. Fucked up, if I may put it that way. (unless you have a dream physique close to someone with Cushing's syndrome.> google it)

Long-term stress influences your physical and mental capacity, your hormonal balance, your sense of happiness, your immune system, your body composition, and even your life span. Below I will give a few examples of the enormously broad influence that stress can have on you.

The influence of stress on the immune system is great. People who experience a lot of stress get sick quicker and recover less quickly. In addition, a lot of stress in previous years can have a long-term effect on the immune response in later life. (1)

Stress also seems to have an impact on the heart and blood pressure (2) (3).

According to (4), long-term stress has a negative / damaging effect on the brain and can contribute to the development of depression, anxiety attacks, degeneration of the brain and also damage to the metabolism.

Stress and physical progression

And we can go on like this for a while… You don't want too much stress in your life if you want to grow old in good health. But we don't care about that, do you and you, right? We just want gains. So it doesn't matter right?

Well, for that too, stress is not really something that will contribute to progression, for a whole range of reasons.

Stress has a negative impact on the increase in strength through training (5) and on recovery after training (6).

The following article will discuss how you can prevent / reduce stress and how you can best act in stressful situations, but a quick tip that follows from the above studies is that it can sometimes be wise to take a few steps in place ..

Thinking when you actually know that it is not going is not only unwise in the bedroom.

 If you are exposed to stress for a long time, this will also have a negative effect on your body composition; cortisol, the best-known stress hormone, can have all kinds of effects at long-term high values ​​that are negative for your progression in the gym (the meaning of life according to new research not yet released); Prolonged high levels lead to muscle protein breakdown (7) and can reduce fat breakdown (8).

In addition, cortisol counteracts the effect of insulin, so that nutrients are stored less well (and we are also talking about amino acids and carbohydrates in muscle tissue); This therefore also has an effect on insulin sensitivity. Furthermore, cortisol reduces the build-up of bone mass (9) and collagen (cartilage and tendon tissue) (10) in the long term.

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Stress is no extra, stress is the basis

It may be clear by now; stress has a HUGE influence on your life and your body and is not one of the trivial topics such as 'how many minutes after my workout do I have to take my shake with 50 grams of creatine, 60 grams of dextro and 150 grams of whey to get the best results' .

Sleep, rhythm and a life without (too much) stress are the ab-so-lute basis when you want to get the most out of your life. Whether you want to go for the best possible physically or not (I can't force you to see the light) has nothing to do with this; lack of sleep and too much stress are disastrous for everything and everyone.

Stressed by this article? No worries. For that reason, I will discuss in the following article how you can ensure that you reduce stress and that you experience as little trouble as possible.

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