Fit into the summer without diet

Fit into the summer without diet

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Now that the sun is starting to shine more and the summer is coming, we all want to lose some kilos to get fit into the summer. But by no means everyone wants to go on a strict diet for 12 weeks or more, with each food being weighed to the nearest gram. In that case we have good news for you: to lose some kilos and feel better in your skin is not always necessary! In this article we have 6 tips for you that you can easily apply, without having to change everything you do now. For most people, that will already be a huge step in the right direction and ensure that your fitness starts the summer.

We must, of course, remain honest. No, you will not achieve a tough six-pack with this approach, nor do we claim that this is the best way to achieve your goals. If that is your goal you will really be with one tight feeding schedule have to go to work. But if the latter is not spent on you, these tips will hopefully mean a lot to you!

Skip the liquid calories

To begin with, it is a good move to leave all liquid calories for what it is. Some sugar in the coffee, a delicious cappuccino at lunch, a glass of orange juice for breakfast or a can of soda in the evening, all superfluous calories that do little else than make you fat.

Almost all liquid calories have in common that they usually consist of sugars and that they don't fill you in a mild way. In practice, a can of soda feeds your hunger sooner than it fills you.

That is why it is a good first move to omit all those liquid calories. Instead, teach yourself that you drink a lot of water or possibly coffee with sweets or light sodas.

Depending on what you drink now a day alone, this step can save you 100's of calories without having to put in any effort!

An exception to the rule is of course one protein shake after your training or a meal replacement shake. The purpose of this tip is that you drop unnecessary calories, not those valuable proteins after your workout or at breakfast.

Liquid calories cappuccino

Eat lots of vegetables and fruit

As a second step, it is a good idea to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Think of an apple for breakfast, a salad for lunch and in the evening a large plate with varied vegetables.

Apart from the fact that these products are super healthy for you, there is another advantage: most products in this category are low in calories, but fill you up enormously! And yes, that is important, because that in turn makes you less inclined to eat other, unhealthy things.

An advantage with this tip is that your choice is huge! Choose the vegetables and fruit that you like, so it becomes a lot easier to maintain. How about watermelon, strawberries and pineapple in the summer or a nice fresh salad? That is never wrong!

Of course, use common sense and do not eat 10 bananas every day, because then you will still get a pile of (fruit) sugar.

Now you may have the question: “Can that fruit do no harm? That mainly consists of carbohydrates? " That is indeed true and there is certainly something to be said for that. However, take a look at it from the other side. For the same amount of carbohydrates as from 6 slices of bread you can eat no less than 1100 (!) Grams of watermelon! Then you even have calories left because there is less fat and protein in watermelon.

For that reason again: keep using common sense, but if you are not too crazy about your diet, fruit is a big friend of yours.

Vegetables and fruit

Let the bread stand

The Netherlands is a real bread country. Bread for breakfast, bread for lunch and sometimes even bread for dinner or as a late-night snack with some herb butter or aioli. Deliciously delicious of course, but unfortunately all that bread can get in the way of our body weight.

Not that bread is so bad for you per se, but you can easily eat too much of it and a large part of the sandwich filling leaves something to be desired. Add to that the fact that it is difficult to get enough protein with your sandwiches and we can safely conclude that many bread meals are not optimal if you want to lose fat.

The simple solution? Drop the bread! Yes, that will take a while to switch, but with some creativity you should definitely get over it. To name but a few, you can think of cottage cheese, yogurt, boiled eggs, rice cakes, crackerssalads, protein shakes of meal replacement shakes/bars.

Even though leaving out bread at the beginning may not be fun or easy, it removes a lot of thinking and you immediately prevent ending with a sandwich with chocolate spread in front of you.

BONUSTIP: Can't you really leave the bread? Then you can High Protein Bread be a great alternative to get some extra protein.


Try to exercise for at least an hour every day

We have written about it before: sitting too much is not good for you. A lack of exercise is not only detrimental to your health, you also make it a lot harder for you to lose some kilos.

Our advice is therefore: try to get at least one hour of (continuous) exercise every day.

To start with weight training is a very good plan if you also want to build muscle mass and lose fat, but chances are that you will not do this 7 days a week. That does not mean that on those other days you have to take the cycling bike or put on your running shoes, it can also be easier.

For example, grab the bike to work, go for a big walk with the dog, go for a walk during work breaks or just make sure your house looks spiked and span 24/7, because cleaning also consumes energy!

You prefer to do these activities continuously for an hour, but if you split it into 2 or 3 parts, that's acceptable. In any case, don't be fooled by saying at the end of every day: "Today I walked to the coffee machine for an hour."

This point should not be underestimated, especially if you have a current occupation or are studying. A lack of activity reduces your energy consumption enormously and that means that you soon eat more than necessary to lose weight.

Walk with the dog

Limit cheat meals to once a week

You can watch your diet so well during the day, if you go over 4 nights a week with all kinds of delicacies, it is almost impossible to lose weight. In fact, if you exaggerate 4 times, you are more likely to have arrived at the end of the week than to have lost weight.

An outlier per week should be possible, but several meals, pies, parties, pizzas and bags of chips per week are not included if you want to burn fat. We are not going to completely ban it, so try to limit it to one meal a week.

This motivates you to think about what your cheat meal will be and ensures that you really enjoy it. Because, to be honest, what would you prefer? A nice dinner with friends or family, or unthinkingly concealing a bag of crisps on the couch while you're watching Netflix half asleep? Exactly, you can miss the latter, then just a bowl of cottage cheese or Night Protein shake in the evening!

Apart from the fact that this is good advice for when you want to lose weight, it is in any case not wrong to stick to it. The more often you eat unhealthy food, the more you get used to it. As a result, healthy food tastes less well proportionally and you remain more inclined to make quick, unhealthy and tastier choices. Save it for exceptions and make sure you enjoy it. ?

Pizza cheat meal

Let the alcohol stand

Our last, but certainly not unimportant tip is to leave the alcohol. No, one glass can do little harm, but to be honest, how often does it stay with one glass? That glass tastes like more and if you are busy, some snacks, nuts or chips will also go well. Those things together create a cocktail of failure, especially because your goal of losing weight seems a lot less important when you are 5 drinks away.

So see alcohol just like the bread: in moderation it can do little harm, but purely for the sake of convenience, it is good to leave it at that. You avoid being mistaken by accidentally drinking too much and it is a good test of discipline to see if you can live without it for a few weeks. Although we do not want to follow a complete diet, we want to see some results, right? So making a number of sacrifices for that should not be the end of the world.

Alcohol fit into the summer

Bundle it together and get fit for the summer!

Those were the 6 tips for getting fit into the summer. We will summarize them here for you:

  1. Skip the liquid calories. So no coffee with sugar, cappuccino, fruit drinks or soft drinks. The only exception can be a protein or meal replacement shake.
  2. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit. These are good for you, contain few calories and fill you immensely well. If your basis consists of this, weight loss is almost guaranteed!
  3. Leave the bread for what it is. Bread often comes in large quantities and combined with spreads that do not help you much. Fill this up with vegetables, fruit, protein-rich products or low-carb alternatives.
  4. Try to exercise for at least an hour every day. Exercise is healthy and also helps you to burn the necessary calories. Those burnt calories in turn make that belly disappear.
  5. Limit cheat meals to once a week. All those outliers can kill healthy food for a whole week, so keep it up once a week and do not overdo it, but enjoy.
  6. Let the alcohol stand. A good test of willpower and you save yourself a lot of extra difficulties. Let alone the doner sandwich after a good night of drinking!

Apply these 6 tips and you are almost assured that you will be fit for the summer without following a strict diet. Of course, the general advice will always apply, such as strength training, eating protein-rich food and not falling short on essential vitamins and minerals.

Still need a fixed schedule? Then view us feeding schedule for a six-pack for men . feeding schedule for a tight stomach for ladies!

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