Fardo Popal Tells: Everything About His Goals, Motivation And Passion For Fitness

Fardo Popal Tells: Everything About His Goals, Motivation And Passion For Fitness

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In recent years, fitness in the Netherlands has really taken off and it has become one of the most popular sports in our country. Although the sport is embraced by many people, there are also a lot of people who have strong prejudices. Anyone who trains even a little fanatically is called 'anabolic' by them, in other words a person who uses anabolic steroids or other doping. Someone who loves the sport, but is also familiar with the downside, is Fardo Popal.

Fardo is an athlete within the men's athletic physique class of bodybuilding. While this is a body building class, it is not so much about the size of your muscle mass. The focus is much more on the aesthetics of the body. In other words, it's all about the beauty of the body.

It is clear that Fardo has a good physical. However, this has not come to him and it is not due to the use of anabolic steroids or other forms of doping. Fardo Popal has trained hard for many years and had to make various sacrifices in order to do this for each other.

In this article the story of Fardo is discussed. We asked him why he started fitness, how he finds the motivation to do what he does day in day out and how he deals with the prejudice of steroid use. We then summarize this in three spearheads that form a common thread in the life of Fardo Popal and that can help you to actually achieve everything you want to achieve in your life, both in sports and beyond.


The wish of a 20 year old boy

Training attributes

Seven years ago, at the age of twenty, Fardo Popal decided to drastically change course. He was not satisfied with his body and he no longer liked his lifestyle. To do something about this, Fardo started fitness. A sport that was especially popular in Los Angeles and Miami at the time, but had barely set foot in the Netherlands. Yet it managed to fascinate Fardo and he was inspired by the stories he heard. This, in combination with his desire for a healthier body, ensured that the fence was over and that Fardo started training fanatically.

The maximum dedication of Fardo

Fardo worked hard to achieve his goal. He could be found in the gym every day, studied hard to get his bachelor's degree in physiotherapy at HAN in Nijmegen in four years and he had several side jobs. He also had to radically change his diet. He did this by looking for a new balance between his carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Fardo eventually found this balance by 'playing' with his macros for quite some time. He tested different ratios until he found the perfect balance. He then built a nutritional schedule around this and supplemented it perfectly with various supplements. He can maintain this for a longer period of time.

Let the reins celebrate

Relaxed during cheatday

Fortunately, Fardo's strict feeding schedule does not mean that he is never a bit milder for himself. Depending on his agenda cheat he once a week or every two weeks. In the first place, he does this in order to be able to relax completely and not to engage in fitness or his physical activity. It gives both body and mind a rest, bringing them back into balance. Something that is very important to Fardo.

A second reason to occasionally cheat is to have a hefty metabolism boost to give.

Investing in knowledge

In addition to starting training and changing his feeding schedule, Fardo also went into the books. He has taught himself everything he knows about nutrition, training and supplements. He has never hired a coach.

As a result, he had to discover everything himself. This is very instructive on the one hand, but also time-consuming and difficult on the other. A lot of literature makes general statements which do not always apply to everyone. What works for the XNUMX test subjects in the study can have completely different consequences for you.

Fardo therefore advises others to work with a coach. After all, this can help you on your way with the knowledge and experience he or she has.

However, he says right away that working with a coach does not mean that you no longer have to think for yourself. If you feel comfortable with it, you can of course unquestionably accept what the coach says to you, but you will find that achieving your goal becomes a lot harder if you don't know why you should do something and why you should do something else. .

To prevent this and to maintain the motivation to achieve your goals, it is important that you also keep learning. Ask your trainer questions and delve into the matter by talking to people and reading a lot about the subject. Not only will your dedication and motivation grow as a result, but you will also find it easier to maintain your training and nutritional schedule. You now know exactly why you do something and what the consequences are if you don't do it.

Would you like to know what else can help Fardo besides knowledge? Then quickly read on under the heading 'The bigger picture: the social goal of Fardo Popal'.


Set goals and achieve goals


We have already dropped a number of times that it is important to set goals. In the life of Fardo Popal, this is a topic that keeps coming back. He has both personal and social goals.

A Journey Through Time: The Personal Goals of Fardo Popal

It started seven years ago for Fardo, as we have already told you, with the goal of adopting a better lifestyle. We can now conclude that this target has been more than achieved. However, achieving this goal was not the end station. It has given Fardo the opportunity to set even bigger goals and pull out all the stops to achieve those goals.

The second goal that Fardo had set for himself was to win a race in his class. Here, despite the fact that people had told him several times that he should take the podium, he has always been very reserved. Before he actually registered, he had to get an even better physical from himself.

At the end of 2016, the time had come: Fardo participated in his first competition in the men's athletic physique class of body building and this immediately won. An achievement that has given him an enormous motivation boost and enabled him to set even higher goals.

These goals are entirely in line with winning his first match. The next challenge will take place in April 2017 when Fardo makes an attempt to become a Dutch champion. If this is successful, he strives to become European champion and ultimately to win the world title by becoming Mr. Olympia in his class.

The bigger picture: the social goal of Fardo Popal

Personal training

In addition to personal goals, Fardo also picked up a social goal a few years ago. He not only wants to get the most out of himself, but he also wants others to be able to do this.

To help people with this, he started as a personal trainer about 2,5 years ago and started his own company in online personal training. He now guides others by creating online training and nutrition plans for them. This enables people to achieve their own personal goals. Fardo knows how to inspire, motivate and teach people in this way.

In addition to inspiring and motivating, Fardo also finds it very important to give people a goal and to help them achieve it. Because he has contact with other athletes, he notices that many people who lose their motivation over time have one thing in common, namely the lack of a goal.

This makes it very easy for people to come up with excuses and excuses. A shame, because after all you have nothing to lose. For Fardo, this confirms what he already knew: that a goal allows you to set priorities so that you can do whatever it takes to work towards your goal. Obviously, this must of course be a goal that you believe you can achieve. Fardo helps you set these goals and guides you in the process to actually achieve them.


Haters gonna hate: the flip side of success

Fardo Popal

Success always has two sides. On the one hand you have the admirers or fans and on the other you have the haters. Although this latter group is generally smaller than the group with fans, they can still leave a deep impression.

For example, Fardo was confronted with prejudices related to the use of steroids and doping. However, the use of these resources is not at all for Fardo, never has been. His goals have nothing to do with growing muscles as broad as possible.

Despite this, a few years ago he was bothered by the looks that were thrown at him, the comments that were thrown at his head and the reactions that were posted under his photos on social media. Several times he has argued against this and tried to explain the true story: that he trains hard and achieved his goals with iron discipline. However, this did not seem to have much effect.

That is why Fardo has now opted to ignore all negative comments, looks and reactions. He does this in two ways. Either he lets one ear in and his other ear go out again or he tries to turn the hateful remark into something positive.

He does the latter by telling himself that the haters are only trying to justify any jealous feelings they have for themselves. With the annoying comments they try to find an acceptable explanation for the external differences between themselves and Fardo.


Instead of focusing on the haters, I prefer to focus on positive things. One of those things is the support I get from XXL Nutrition. They have always believed in me and I am very happy with that.

- Fardo Popal


In summary: The spearheads of Fardo Popal


In this article we told you how Fardo Popal started with fitness and how he developed in it. Looking back on the conversation we had with him, we can actually summarize his vision in three main spearheads:

Spearhead 1: Objectives

According to Fardo, everything revolves around having goals. According to him, this is the key to maintaining your motivation and being able to set priorities. Without goals it is difficult to stay focused and not throw in the towel prematurely.

Spearhead 2: Dedication

If you have set a goal, you are able to fully commit yourself to it. It is important that you do not just accept everything, but also conduct research yourself and gather knowledge. This dedication ensures that you are even better able to reach your goals.

Spearhead 3: Conclusion

The final spearhead has everything to do with cutting yourself off from negativity. To be able to perform at top level you have to be mentally very strong and not be distracted by negativity. So try to ignore negativity or, like Fardo, turn it into something positive and see it as a compliment.


Fardo Popal is a boy that we have to take into account. Not only now, but also in the future, he will be a formidable opponent. In addition to being an opponent, Fardo is also a supporter. With him, many people will be able to achieve their goals and adopt a healthier lifestyle. This allows them to live a happier and healthier life.

Fardo is therefore driven by the goals he has set for himself. What drives you to keep exercising?

Explain to us by posting a comment below this message!

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