Everything about the creation of XXL Nutrition!
Origin of XXL Nutrition

Everything about the creation of XXL Nutrition!

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XXL Nutrition has been the most popular webshop in the Netherlands for years in the field of supplements, sports nutrition, training accessories and sportswear. But what is the story behind this? You can read all about this in this article about the origin of XXL Nutrition written by none other than the founder himself: René!

TIP: Would you rather watch than read? Then check out this video in which Jayjay Boske of Day1 visits René, the founder of XXL Nutrition!

What preceded

As a fanatic bodybuilder I could not find a protein that I did not have stomach and intestinal problems. At one point I drank a German acquaintance of mine whey and this did not bother my stomach at all. He got this whey from a producer who was in town with him. This producer mainly made baby food, but also high-quality sports food for a number of expensive German brands.

From then on I got my whey from there, then still packed in aluminum bags of 2500 grams. Every time I went to get more people came for whom I had to take something. I drove anyway and did this as a friends service, first by car, but later I soon needed a van. At that time, this friends service was mainly for people who did bodybuilding competitions, because that was where my acquaintance was.

The motivator

In early 2004 I bought a BMW Convertible from all my savings and some borrowed money from work. The joy was unfortunately short-lived because within 2 weeks the car flamed against a lamppost. Auto Total Loss, guilt at work and a rotten feeling were left behind.

I couldn't sleep and all I thought was: "This can not be true! How can I recoup this ?! What should I do?!"

The idea

I soon thought of the Whey that I always took with me and that everyone was satisfied with. The garage next to the house was now empty because the car was gone, so I had room to store products. After a good conversation with the German producer who also made other supplements such as creatine and amino acids, I had to come up with a brand. It was now summer 2004 and I remember well that I was on the beach and suddenly had an inspiration: XXL Nutrition! That seemed a perfect name for the brand. After some research I saw that the brand did not yet exist and the domain (www.xxlnutrition.nl) was still available. I quickly registered the brand and URL.

However, I ran into the problem that I was broke, after all my money was in the flattened BMW. I had calculated that I could start with an amount of € 5.000. In the end, I was able to borrow that amount from my parents, after having heard from several people at least 10 times: "Boy, don't do that, no one is waiting for that, there are already so many brands ..."

The elaboration

I found the traditional (American) supplement brands all very expensive. In addition, saw that there was no supplement brand that provided quality for an affordable price. Prices were pushed up by importers, wholesalers and shops who all had to earn something on a product. I wanted to change that and sell XXL Nutrition products directly to athletes. That had to be done via the internet. I bought a book “Frontpage for Dummies” and put the first site together myself. Looking back on it, it was really terrible, but it worked and you could order it. I made the labels for the products in Powerpoint and were quite colorful from yellow, orange to red and blue.

We are XXL Nutrition and work daily to let you get the most out of yourself!

End of 2004: The start from XXL Nutrition

The XXL Nutrition site went live at the end of 2004 with only products under its own brand: 2 types whey, creatine, amino acids and a number of other products. I teamed up with the then popular Dutch Bodybuilding Forum, now known as Bodybuilding.nl, and was able to advertise and discuss with customers. 

It all started with a few packages a day, but soon the demand and interest grew. Especially among competitive athletes I had a lot of customers, after all that was where it all started and that quickly spread. In the evenings I packed everything and during the break from work I took everything to the post office. In mid-2005 I quit my job and started working with XXL Nutrition. 

Now, more than 15 years later...

… It is still the same mission that drives XXL Nutrition: 'Making high-quality products and offering them at an affordable price'. Team XXL has grown over the years from just myself in the beginning to 65 people at the moment. This team works every day to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to ensure lasting improvements. Think of a continuously growing range, more and better products, continuous quality control, training videos, XXL Sportswear clothing line, a lot of interaction with our customers, sponsorship of many different events and competitions and much more. You see us in many fitness centers, we have a team of 4 people who are on the road every day. We have also been prominently present at FIBO since 2017. Finally, nowadays we not only deliver to the Netherlands, but to all of Europe and even beyond!

Origin of XXL Nutrition

Where it started with existing products from one German producer, now all our products are produced under our own recipe.

Product quality always comes firste place

“If there is one keyword in nutritional supplements, it is vertrouwen. "

Continuously monitoring the quality of our products through laboratory tests is something we have been doing for years. We trust our producers, but we prefer to monitor them continuously. To outsiders this approach may seem a bit exaggerated, but for us it goes without saying. If there is one keyword that is important in nutritional supplements, it is vertrouwen. In our sport in which nutrition is carefully weighed to the gram, trained 6 hours a day 2 days a week and strictly dieted for months to score that one moment on stage, you have to be able to rely on the supplements you take. Then you want to be 100% sure that it contains what is on the packaging, because it has turned out that this is unfortunately not the case with many brands.

The way we handle our supplements and customers has had a positive influence on the development of XXL Nutrition and has also ensured a long-standing cooperation with the Dutch Bodybuilding Federation (NBBF / IFBB). Since 2018 we are even the main sponsor of the NBBF to be even more involved in the sport.

In May 2018, we started using our new 2800m² warehouse, but this soon turned out to be too small. The extension of 2500m² was completed in November 2019 and we have recently started using it. This allows us to offer a wider range and process more orders.

We would like to thank everyone for their trust in us and hope to welcome you as a customer in our shop for a long time to come.

Kind regards,

René and Team XXL

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You achieve goals together!

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