Read the difference between Romanian Deadlift and Conventional Deadlift here!
Romanian Deadlift

Read the difference between Romanian Deadlift and Conventional Deadlift here!

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The Romanian Deadlift is indispensable when you use a good buttocks wants to develop, but is also a great exercise for your hamstrings. Read the differences between the Conventional Deadlift and the Romanian Deadlift in this article. If you don't know yet what a Deadlift is, you better still this article .

Starting position

Typical of this exercise is that you start in an upright position and then lower your weight. With the Conventional Deadlift it is the other way around, where you start at the bottom and end standing.

Placement of your hands and feet

You place your hands and feet the same as with the Conventional Deadlift. Your hands just a bit wider than your shoulders and your feet about hip-width apart. But every body is different, do what feels natural for your body.

Romanian Deadlift

going down

Drop down by pushing your hips back in particular. This mainly trains the glutes and hamstrings. Bend your knees about 20% but keep your lower legs straight. Keep your arms straight and your back straight. For most people, lowering to about knee height will be sufficient, then the Range of motion from the hamstrings is up (which it is primarily for). With a Conventional Deadlift you bend your knees about 75%. In addition, you put the barbell back on the ground, while you let the barbell float above the ground with the Romanian Deadlift. 

going up

Strain abdominal muscles take another deep breath and lift it up! Rise up in a smooth but explosive motion. For some extra tense on your buttocks, you can tighten them for a while when you are at the top.

Romanian Deadlift

Romanian Deadlift with squat rack

You can also perform this deadlift with a squat rack. You can then use the barbell always lay down on the rack during the exercise. To begin with, raise the bar a bit (and we don't mean the proverbial bar) and then check again and again whether you can go a little lower, while still performing the exercise perfectly. As a result, you will get one less quickly injury in your back.

Besides the Conventional and the Romanian Deadlift, there are also the Stiff Leg Deadlift, Single Leg Deadlift en Sumo Deadlift. Read all about that in our other articles, so that you become a deadlift pro! Be sure to read our how to deadlift to fine tune your Deadlift.

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