Deadlifts? You shouldn't do these 7 things
Deadlift don'ts

Deadlifts? You shouldn't do these 7 things

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Stand wide or your feet hip-width apart? Place your toes straight forward or slightly outward? Overhand grip or a mixed grip? A deadlift can be done in many ways and variations are carried out. Still, there are a few things you definitely shouldn't do if you want to avoid injuries. Avoid the following 7 deadlift mistakes.

7 deadlifting mistakes you want to avoid

Mistake # 1: You do a squat

You have to get the hang of it, but: a deadlift is not a squat. 😉 When deadlifting, you do not bend your knees but tilt your hips and bring your butt back (and not down). During the exercise, keep your hips higher than your knees.

Deadlift don'ts

Mistake # 2: Making your back convex or hollow

It is important that you keep your back as straight as possible during a deadlift. With a hollow or a convex back you increase the risk of injuries. Tip: look straight ahead if you quickly make a concave or convex back. This will help keep your back straight. Do you want to be sure that your back is really straight? Do not look in the mirror (this will turn your body), but ask someone to watch or film your exercises.

Mistake # 3: you drop it like it's hot

Do not let the barbell fall out of your hands, but lower it in a controlled manner. This can be done at about the same pace as going up. Do you tend to drop it? Then you might be deadlifting too heavily.

Mistake # 4: You forget your breath

Tip: Breathe in well before the exercise and hold your breath while lifting. Only after you have lifted the barbell do you exhale. This increases your strength and focus. Moreover, you put less pressure on your back while deadlifting.

Mistake # 5: The bar is too far from your legs

It may feel a bit awkward at first: when performing the deadlift, the barbell moves slightly over your legs. If you hold the bar too far forward, you use your lower back too much and increase the risk of injury. Tip: wear long pants or long ones socks to avoid pain in your shins.

Mistake # 6: You bend your arms

The deadlift is a compound exercise, which means that you train multiple muscle groups at the same time: your back, legs and buttocks. And while your arms are involved, you shouldn't use extra exercise for your arms while deadlifting. Secretly training arms during the deadlift sounds fun, until you injure your biceps and then can't train for a while. So keep your arms straight during the exercise.

Deadlift don'ts

Mistake # 7: you lift too much

One of the most common mistakes: lifting too heavy. If you lift too much, it is difficult to use the right technique and have a good posture. The result: severe back pain. Do you feel that you are doing it well but do you get pain in your back? Get rid of 5-10 kilos and focus on a perfect execution.

The next time you are about to start your deadlift, remind yourself of the above points so that you do it completely correctly. Good luck!

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