7 fun couple workouts for at home!
Couple Workouts

7 fun couple workouts for at home!

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Several studies have shown that when you exercise together you work much harder and cheat less. With these fitness exercises you still stay fit together, despite the fact that the gyms are now closed. We have put together a number of fun couple workouts for at home so that you don't have to leave the house. Working up a sweat together has never been this romantic!

Couples that train together, stay together!

We have compiled a list for you so that you certainly do not get bored at home. In addition to making you physically fit, it also makes you mentally sharper. You have to continuously adapt yourself to the other. And don't forget: it gives your relationship of trust a big boost! Together you are strong!

1. Russian Twist Pass

This exercise is the perfect couples ab workout and it also gives you an uber sexy v-line. Grab a ball or another (heavy) object you have at home. Don't make it too easy for yourself! You will pass this item on to each other. Go on you yoga mat sit up, keep your feet in the air, your legs slightly bent and tighten your core. You give the object to your partner, who then moves it to the outside and then gives it back to you. Get ready… I want to see 3 sets of 10 reps!

2. Double Push Up

This exercise will be a challenge! Planking but one level higher, literally. Stand in the high plank position, but not on the floor, but stacked on top of your partner. If you're the lightest of the bunch, you go on top. Place your feet on your partner's shoulders and hold the ankles with your hands. Your partner is going exactly the other way around, as shown in the picture. After the bottom partner a push-up has done, the top partner follows. We advise you to perform 3 sets of 10 push ups.

3. Couple Sit-ups with Kiss

One partner starts with the Sit-ups. Every time you come upstairs you give a kiss to your partner. Super sweet and soggy, but very romantic! The second partner will hold your partner's ankles and perform a mountain climber. After 10 kisses you switch positions until you have done both positions 3 times.

4. Couple Planking Contest

Which of you two is the Queen or King shelf? Of course we wanted to add a bit of competition vibe to this list. Okay, I know you want to beat your partner, but make sure you don't force yourself too hard to keep going. When you get tired, your lower back will drop slightly and you have a greater chance of injury. You are not waiting for that.

Pull up & Bent over Row

This exercise is a combination of two exercises. Look closely at the picture and position yourself the same. In this case, the bottom partner pulls himself up on the other partner. The standing partner performs the Bent over Row and lifts the bottom partner. Repeat this 10 times in sets of 3. Nice addition: keep looking each other in love during the entire exercise. It is not a couple workout for nothing.

6. Resistance Band Jumps

Tie the resistance bands around hip height and have your partner hold the other side. Walk away from your partner so that the band is tight but not stretched. You throw your hands down before you jump. Then you make an explosive leap forward with both feet. We recommend doing 4 sets of 5 reps. 
Would you prefer an alternative version of this resistance band workout? Then sprint as far as you can. As you can see in the picture: of course you still have the resistance band around your waist (otherwise I would have made an anti-couple workout training!)

7. Dirty dancing elevator

I've saved the best for last! If you have any energy left, I dare you to ride the elevator like Johnny and Frances. Just like in the movie! If this is still a bit too difficult (which I understand by the way, I have never succeeded) then you can also try the beginner version. The heaviest partner lies on their back with their legs in the air. The lightest partner places the hips on the feet and you hold hands. Try to last as long as possible! Take a picture of it, put it in your story on instagram and tag @xxlnutrition we like it!

Done with your couple workouts?

So, if all goes well, you have done a lot of work and you have worked really hard. Super performance! But the couple workouts wouldn't be couple workouts if they didn't add an extra touch of passion and romance. It just doesn't stop. So time for one massage!

Written by Emily van de Wiel

Emily van de Wiel

This blog is written by

Emily van de Wiel

I hope that, with my enthusiasm, I can feed you as much as possible with all the information that I have gained over the years!

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