Lennard Guardian

"Knowledge is only power when you know how to apply it."

When I started fitness at the age of 16, I grew fairly quickly. Unfortunately this was not only muscle mass and I also got quite a lot of fat. When I reached my peak of around 106 (!) Kg with a fat percentage of 23%, I knew that something had to change. With the help of a well-balanced diet, many sports at the sports training and my own training at the gym, I lost 16 kg in about a year and a half. Throughout this process, in addition to the passion for fitness, I have also developed a passion for a healthy lifestyle. For example, I started taking the minor to become a lifestyle / vitality coach and I completed a home study as a food advisor.

In addition to my studies and school days, I have always had a part-time job in the kitchen. I have combined the passion for cooking and healthy food. In addition, I also like photography a lot and that's how the hobby / job of food photographer started.

Since 2017 I have also been working as a personal trainer at a fairly exclusive gym that is growing very fast. In addition, I am also in the gym for about 6 to 7 days and I always try to continue to develop my knowledge.

So it appears again that a healthy lifestyle and sport are a big and important part of my life.

  • HBO Sports Science
  • Minor Lifestyle coach
  • Home study nutrition advisor